Venting about our neighbor - warning cursing ahead

Ok so I know I could put this in an already established thread. But since this is an ongoing saga I’m making my own. So get ready because I’m about to introduce you to one of the most entitled people I’ve ever met.

For some background the house that we live in and the house our neighbor (single person keep that in mind) share a common driveway. For most people this would not be a problem. And it wouldn’t be if we had a common courtesy neighbor.

The saga actually started back before we moved in. The house belonged to my husbands grandmother. Back then and until about a year ago we had the same trash company so our trash days were the same. Nana would bring in the neighbors can when she brought in hers. Now keep in mind Nana was anywhere from 20 to 30 years older than the neighbor. But she didn’t mind. So that’s how it started.

It continued that way for many years until we moved in and Nana got up there in years. 6 years ago Nana died. But my mil (and this was partly on her) still insisted on bringing the can in. Why? Because we’re the house in front and she knew that if one of us didn’t bring it in it would stay out there until such time the neighbor who Can’t Understand Normal Thinking deigned to bring it in. She also had a shit ton of trash (remember she’s one person living in that house) and I mean that literally because although she’s the only human she’s got anywhere from 10 to 20 cats. So she puts out anywhere from 10 to 15 bags on the OUTSIDE of her can plus whatever is in her can. We can fit 3 to 4 bags in our can although even with 4 people when Nana was alive, 5 cats at one time and a dog we fit everything into one can.
My husband, when it snowed, would shovel out a spot to put our cans and if we didn’t get it out there fast enough she’d take it. I’ve got a picture I took of the pile she left out last week but the forums are giving me trouble so I’ll upload it later.

Update pics uploaded.

Anyway finally a year ago we decided we were tired of her BS and we changed our trash company. Now our pickup day is Tuesday and hers is Friday. Instead of putting the bags on our lawn she puts them close to the mailbox which, conveniently, she placed after the plow guy ran it down so that we can’t put a mailbox on it.

But you may ask does she bring in her can? She does. But despite her being home all fucking day it’s often not brought in until 4 pm or later. Now today the can was left in the middle of the driveway at the end and if my husband wasn’t still at work I wouldn’t give a crap. But I told him to call me when he’s leaving work because maybe, just maybe, Miss Entitlement will have to go somewhere or be coming back from someplace and will have to move it her fucking self.

I ended up moving the can because even though she’s back there she’s too privileged to do it herself.


I commiserate with you on having a cr@ppy neighbor (not sure which, if any, words are filtered here lol). We have a couple of those, just with different circumstances. We don’t share a driveway with ours, so we don’t have your trash bin problem. And if your neighbor lived here where I do, they’d probably have to either pay for a second trash bin or pay to get one of the small commercial bins. Our trash bags have to be in the bin to be picked up. Anything on the ground stays where it is. When you move her bin, can you just move it into her yard and out of the driveway?

Our problem neighbor #1 is the house behind us. It is now standing empty (of human occupation), though a couple lived there when we bought our house 27+ years ago. About three years ago we realized that they had moved out and all that was left in the house was their years of hoarded junk (and probably critters like raccoons, squirrels, and snakes). There was also lots of hoarded junk in the back yard and in the two storage sheds they have. And they let the grass and bushes/trees grow wild, which wouldn’t be a problem if you lived out in the country with your nearest neighbor a mile away. However, we live in town, so it’s a problem. A couple of years ago the city told them to clean the outside of the place up or they’d be fined. They finally got someone to mow the grass a few times over the spring/summer, and he trimmed up the other vegetation somewhat. He also got rid of the trash/junk in the yard. So now it looks slightly better at a glance, though they also had it painted and now it’s a hideous blue. (Not all blue colors for a house color is hideous, just this one.)

Problem neighbor #2 is our next door neighbor on the downhill side of our house. They are a young-ish couple with small children. They also aren’t “yard people”, according to the wife. Yes, she literally said that to another neighbor when talking about the bushes/flowers/trees in the yard that needed pruning and basic plant care. They also rarely mow their lawn, so it looks like a jungle already this year. So far this year, they had someone mow their front yard once, and the back yard has yet to be mowed. For comparison, we’ve mowed our lawn four times already. I get that not everyone has a love of gardening or the knack for it; I’m one of those people! But I also know that we need to put forth some effort to keep things tidy. So we mow, we trim the bushes when they need it, and we have a couple of planting beds with hostas, spiderworts, irises, etc., none of which requires a crazy amount of care. For some reason, they thought buying a house with a lovely yard that has a lot of flowers and bushes and trees would be a good idea for them. :roll_eyes:

Sorry for hijacking your thread to rant about my own neighbors…just know that you’re not alone! :laughing:


It’s all good. Your neighbors sound like pieces of work. Kinda sad that yours and mine are the only comments huh? Lol

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This isn’t my story but my Dad’s story about a bad neighbour of ours . Or is it a couple of stories about a bad neighbour? Anway my house is almost at the bottom of one hill with a street at the bottom. At the corner of the two streets a woman whom lived there with two dogs was a bit of a “Karen”. I can’t remember both stories but with one story dealing with this Karen is that we had to much stuff on our front porch-mostly woods that is drying for the fireplace and after Karen and my Dad “talked” the Karen called someone (I forget the term) and the person told Dad to “Clear it up” so Dad had to take a lot of wood downstairs to the basement to put it somewhere.

And another time that we had both a motor boat we don’t use (because the cost of using our own boats in fishing areas are expensive which makes me mad since Dad had planned on showing me how to “run” such a boat but that’s another story) and a trailer for a car in the drive-way and the same Karen after “Talking” to my dad called the by-law officers and the by-law officer claims something along the lines of that “we can’t have two items in the driveway which aren’t cars”.

Even though the Karen has moved to bit father away we still see her occasionally in the area. So Dad has by-law information by the side of the door incase she tries more of her crap with my Dad. No it was in case the Karen tried to call Dad because of leaves being on the sidewalk because of it being in our (lower) driveway

Update to problem neighbors #2: over the weekend, they had their yard mowed – the whole thing! :open_mouth: It’s still a mess because the other vegetation needs trimming, and last fall’s leaves need to be raked up, but the hay field in the back has been mowed. And if I understood a FB post correctly, they have sold their house to some friends of theirs and they will be moving out! I sure hope the friends take better care of the outside of the house than the current owners! Time will tell…


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