Vent Your Frustrations!

Got pulled into a rabit hole debating taxing the rich in the US. The lack of financial education in the US is a personal frustration of mine. A very abbreviated summary : two major ways people are taxed in the US are income tax and capital gains tax.

The Uber rich use a financial strategy called “Buy,borrow,die”. They by and large earn no “income” as defined by the tax code and they sell a very little of their assets meaning they incur negligable capital gains.

Because of this the debate about what percentage you tax their income at is irrelevant because it doesnt matter if its 2% or 98% if the taxable amount is $0. The bigger issue is how to adjust the definitions of income, capital gains, and taxes in general that would tax the uber rich without decimating the savings of anyone who has money in stocks/mutual funds/pension funds/ any other kind of investment or property.

Sorry for the rant.


It’s 5:45 here and I’ve been wide awake since 3:40… First, generic insomnia, but it turned into being worried about the future of modern societies.


Hope you were able to get some sleep. :heart:


Unfortunately not, I tried to fall back asleep until about 6:30, then got up, since on weekdays, my alarm is set to 6:55 anyway.
But I’m pretty sure at least I won’t have any problem falling asleep tonight…


I went to the DMV to (finally) (re)register my Jeep in the state in which I once again reside.

Spent the better part of an hour just to be told that I have to mail the paperwork in. :unamused:


Got into an argument with a friend today. He had asked why a certain regulation was a certain way.

I explained that a particular organization had a certain policy that classified it this way and that resulted in the policy in question.

He then got angry with me saying that it shouldnt be that way, and I agreed he then asked why I was arguing in support of it then. Followed by a rant about how I shouldnt support things like that.

For the life of me I can not understand why people have sucha hard time understanding the concept:
Explaining why a thing is a certain way or explaining why people believe a certain thing is NOT the same as aggreeing with that line of thinking.

Knowing what their argument is NOT THE SAME as agreeing with the argument.


That’s extremely unhelpful to find out after waiting, ugh.


Especially when they are wrong. I have to go back next week and try again.


If nothing else, you might get an NAW story out of it…


MY legs feel like lead and I didn’t even wear boots today at all

Oh and I’m also Ticked off because I’m wanting to hear about when (Wizarding Event) at a resturant a friend works at is actually going to happen because it got postedpone due to St. Patrick’s Day being last Friday and the (Wizarding Event) was suppose to have been last Tuesday. And I’m can’t make any of my plans (like getting bloodwork done for my may appointment ) …until I get informattion about when (wizarding event) will be

I hate it when I’ve had a long day, so by the time I can get ready and climb in bed, I’m beyond sleepy tired. So, now I’m half laying on my made bed trying to convince myself to go change into pjs and do all the before bed things. Its 2200 here, and I’ve got to be up and gone by 630 tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those humans who needs to have 8-10 hours of in bed time to feel rested. So I’m going to be tired tomorrow as well.


I’m not clever enough to make a story out of it. but I appreciate the encouragement.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


1, I hate the old Densit Hyginst left from (Dentist) because it was someone I was comfortable with who had been there for a long time. Because my first denist appointment since 2019 was this afternoon and they had a new eletronic “picker” tool which overloaded on austic senstivities. So this hysgenist had to use a hand one instead. Oh and the old reconpist who kind of saved me in a way back in 2016 (long story) has left as well.

2).I have no plans for making supper tomorrow because I really, really, really,really,really,really, really, want the (Chinese resturant) food we didn’t have in either January or Febuary. I have 0 back-up plans for supper I just know its ain’t going to be pizza that’s for sure but my recplies are very limited to what I can make and my parents don’t like two recipes and I made Pizza last week, and we already had soup twice this week,

Snow storm coming, looks to make the weekend a bust. But more importantly, might not get a refill on one of my meds till after the weekend if things don’t get sorted out. I’ll survive, but I’ll just be very out of sorts.


The top scorer for Rovers, George Miller, is out for the rest of the season, as is our third-highest, Harrison Biggins.

George needs an operation on his knee, and Harrison’s going under the knife for a hernia.

Add them to the list of injuries - we’ve already lost Jon Taylor (knee), Ro-Shaun Williams (shin), Charlie Lakin (hip), James Maxwell (quadriceps), Louis Jones (ankle), Ben Bottomley (broken fingers) and Jonathan Mitchell (shoulder).

Jonathan might be able to play this weekend, though, but I’m not sure. He’s the goalie, so if I were Danny Schofield, I wouldn’t want to risk him yet. He played on against AFC Wimbledon after he dislocated his shoulder - the physio put it back in on the pitch, but it was obvious Jonathan was struggling after that. I don’t know how long it takes to recover from that - I pulled a shoulder ligament last month and it still hurts now!

Tom Anderson (foot) and Tommy Rowe (back) can play, but the physio’s monitoring them, and Joseph Olowu (fractured eye socket) has to play with a mask.

All in all, not great. Husband says we must be one of the few teams that takes a coach to the treatment rooms!

One person has called in sick, and there is no one to fill in. Several frustrating things about it

  1. The higher levels generally doesn’t hire enough staff. One person missing should be coverable, especially since our hospital has a temp pool for situations like these

  2. I’m the one who has to work alone

  3. I will also be alone on Sunday

  4. The hospital won’t let us reduce beds, every other ward gets a reduction when there’s no staff

  5. Since other wards are reduced, we get “their” patients instead, meaning there is no doctor nearby, we don’t know the SOPs from these fields and usually don’t have the medication they need - all very time consuming because you spend so much time on the phone trying to organize things


OneDrive just wiped out my desktop icons when I tried to get it to stop copying them.

Why is it even supposed to copy the desktop, anyway? That is ridiculous. It’s just shortcuts to other programs.


I knew I could expect a bad day at work, but it was even worse. It was a “make-sure-everyone-survives-until-reinforcement-arrives” situation and far, far away from good care

I’ve got a strong migraine now, after running around 8 hours straight without a single drop to drink, or a bite to eat.


A couple days ago, maintenance came to fix a problem with my sink. The sprayer was leaking every time I had the cold water on full, which I need to do in order to filter water, and that caused a lot of mold in the cabinet underneath the sink. He replaced the sprayer head with a new one. A few minutes ago, while I was trying to filter water, the sprayer head came off, the hose blasted me and the floor with water, and then it fell down and sprayed water into the cabinet. So now I can’t use the sprayer at all.

This guy also set aflame another tenant’s oven by replacing the heating element (with the wrong type, so it couldn’t be attached properly) when there was an electrical issue, and he pretended he fixed my stove by replacing the burner when there was an electrical issue (and also claimed that the electrical issue was not an electrical issue, even though I confirmed with a professional oven guy that it was). And he’s being called in again to fix the sink again. I wonder if he’ll replace the sprayer and things will go horribly wrong?

And this guy apparently works at a maintenance company.


I don’t make a habit of talking about my parents but I’ve mentioned their struggles with alcohol before. In my early teens and 20s they fell into the bracket of ‘functional alcoholics’ in that they could get up and go to work, holding down good careers but then they’d start drinking as soon as they got home and they were nasty, emotionally abusive drunks who took out all of their anger and misery on each other and on my sister and I.

Things got better after she and I moved out (at different times) and whilst they’ve never been on the wagon, they seemed to get a grip on their behaviour. I also found out things about their respective childhoods that don’t excuse what they did but did explain that they were struggling with a lot of trauma themselves. So, I made a decision not to go no contact and things have mostly been good, my family visits in the early mornings / afternoons before they start drinking or on special occasions where they’re generally in good moods.

Then a week or two ago we went out to a local restaurant for my mum’s birthday and all of the old toxicity and anger was on full display. The meal wasn’t great and the service was worse but my Dad got himself thrown out of the place for the way he spoke to the young waitress with my mum alternating between scolding him and encouraging him. He also snapped at my young son for trying to take a lemon wedge from his plate. I instantly called him on that and he apologized but both of them, even when they sobered up the next day don’t think they were wrong about how they dealt with the restaurant. My sister and I had to apologise profusely on the night and have both tried to talk to them about it since but they can’t accept that whilst the experience was sub-par their anger about it was completely disproportionate and taking it out on somebody who wasn’t even to blame for most of it was unacceptable.

Anyway, I had deluded myself into thinking we were passed all of this so I’m hurt, disappointed and frustrated and I appreciate that this is probably a complete overshare but it’s been swirling in my head for a good few weeks and writing it down helped.