Vent Your Frustrations!

My hair was loose and over one shoulder, and my cap is a Ravenclaw one.

I hate pink. Sparkly is good, though!

Mind you, blue was originally the colour for females, and pink/red for males. It was thought that pink is like watered down blood soaked into a white shirt, while blue is the sky and the sea and gentler things. Blame the Victorians!


I have done next to no excerise (did 1 Cubbi and ran around the house to do recyling) but I’m still tired like I have been running a marthon or something? Mom thinks its because I was being a bit of a nervous wreck uncousinessly because of being in the house most of the day with no company of any kind.

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because men can like sparkly things too? they’re just being progressive and all :wink:


Stupid MS “hug”. I’ve been tossing and turning all night because every sleeping position I try, my ribs, back and middle ache, or go into spasm.

It’s 6.19am as I type this. My alarm’s set for 7.30. I"m going to take some painkillers and see if it helps.


I knew it was going to be a crap day.

Finally got a snooze, then woke up to discover that our oven has decided it doesn’t want to oven any more. Stupid thing.

Husband says, “Turning the oven on scares all the electric in the house away!” He’s had a thorough look (he’s a mechanic, electrician, engineer, cook - basically, if it’s practical, he can do it! It’s his autistic gift, also in the blood), and has discovered that one of the heating elements is bust. If he tests any other switch, no problem, but with the heating element plugged in, it trips the safety.

Stupid oven.


The heating element on the cask washer died yesterday too! What a buggeration…


I can’t imagine cleaning them with cold water is a barrel of laughs…


It snowed here. A lot. Six plus inches, and that was a couple of hours ago.

And it is still snowing.

But the frustrating part is, people do not know how to park. Because of people keeping just enough distance between vehicles that another can’t fit, I had to literally park on the other side of the block.

It took me 5 minutes to walk home after parking my Jeep. :expressionless:


I got a jigsaw puzzle called The Bizarre Bookshop as a Christmas gift. I enjoyed it so much that I received The Bizarre Bookshop 2 (by the same artist) as a birthday gift.

The artist was a bit lazy, though. I’d guess about 20% of the image used in my new puzzle is cut-and -pasted straight from the old one.

First session of my campaign this evening and I’m super super nervous. All my players are older than me (okay only a year or two, but they seemed older when I met them as a freshman) and I’ve never properly ran this system, and it’s heavy on improv which I can never convince myself I’m good at. It’s in 2 1/2 hours and I’m terrified.


My hairdresser is moving from their city centre location to somewhere miles out. They claim that the new location is easier for their customers to get to, which I bet means they haven’t asked any of their customers, because they’re currently situated near a load of offices, and I suspect get people making appointments around work since they’re in the area. Their new location is nowhere near anything, though admittedly probably easier to park near.

(I suspect it’s actually about rents, but if so it annoys me that they’re pretending the move is for customers if it’s not)

So now I need to find a new hairdresser that actually knows how to deal with curly hair. Gah.

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