Vent Your Frustrations!

My application for the job I really wanted was passed over. Apparently they are being really picky about who they hire at the moment because they had to fire a lot of people.

My second choice just plain won’t let me apply, and I’m getting the runaround from HR.

It’s all insanely frustrating and is making my anxiety worse. I’m open to any and all good vibes that anyone wants to share.


Having a bad day :frowning:


Same, can it be the weekend again?


Mine started bad (well, annoying) but got better throughout the day. Working late today and early tomorrow, and yhat sucks though. Trying not to think about that


I’m so tired. Can I not be tired, please?


Our Internet is still not up despite them saying it would be up yesterday. They’re now saying by 645 pm today. I’m not holding my breath.


Mercury is in retrograde or whatever and it is so accurate.

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I dunno, I always find Mercury is a bit Avant-garde


Can you please not require me to download an app, each with their own fifteen step verification system, to get a single ticket to an event please?

To purchase a ticket to the Van Gogh Immersion Experience I have had to create an account with a third party ticket system, requiring email verification, where the email then made me go through phone security verification, then back to the ticket shill for payment, requiring Paypal to go through phone security verification, then back to the ticket shill for them to send me an email to say “Ticket only available on the app”, to then do a second round of ticket shill email verification to log into the app.

And then charge me £2 booking fee. Sell me a ticket on the sodding door!


4 people sick at work, have to work alone tomorrow :dizzy_face:


Hopefully you enjoy the Van Gogh event. The version that came through my city was … less than impressive.


“Convenience fees” to buy things online when that’s the only way to buy those things are terrible. I hate them so much.


Saw my boss for the first time since she came back from vacation. She wasn’t 100% happy with the way I ran the department while she was gone. :roll_eyes:

Today she showed me A LOT of stuff that I should have known before she went on vacation.

…She goes on vacation again in about two weeks. :roll_eyes: She’s going to be giving me some hands on training, because I’m going to have a lot more responsibilities this time around.


I have some overdue training. The best manager told me I’m never to do training in my own time as I won’t get paid for it. I’m supposed to have training schedules by whoever’s in charge of that.

Today’s manager is telling me that I have to do my training before my shift tomorrow, and if it’s not done when I come in tomorrow I won’t be allowed to clock in and won’t be paid until it’s done. I got told to either finish it tonight or do it in my own time. He also told me that I’ll get paid for the time spent doing the training after it has been completed, which contradicts what the manager I trust said.

Tonight’s shift is the close, and we’ve been unusually busy, and my coworker is not going to want to do everything on his own.

My malicious compliance plan is such: I do the close as usual. If I have a spare moment, I’ll do a bit of training on my phone for as long as that moment lasts. My coworker will go home when the kitchen is closed, and I will stay here until my training is done, this preventing my manager from being allowed to leave until it is done.


Sent my PIP forms in last July. Got told they’d arrived on August 25, 2021.

15 April, 2022 - “We’ve still got your form, we’ll get to it ASAP.”

11 July (a year after they were sent in!) - “We’ve still got your form, we’ll get to it ASAP.”

Still waiting.

Mum chased it up last time on my behalf (I can’t speak on phones), and was told they’d got more people in to get through the backlog. If that’s the case, how bleep long is the backlog?!

It’d be nice if it came through by my birthday in January…


Came home from campus and immediately collapsed into a three hour nap with the lights on. Woke up at midnight, and Currently (1:30am) can’t get to sleep again and feel awful


This story brought back a memory of something which frustrated me massively in most of my customer service jobs - training and policies that were not enforced. As well as the one in the story about when customers could enter the theatres, there was one about always checking unlimited cards.

Unlimited cards were paid subscriptions. For about £15pcm you could see as many films as you could each month. The caveat being that you still needed to get a ticket, you couldn’t just walk in, and you were meant to present your card AND your ticket to the usher. Except most ushers didn’t bother which made life harder for those who did complete the checks.


Someone is saying the “Side of mystery” event happening at the Gala event is the Escape room at the Castle but that doesn’t make sense, because we wouldn’t have to dress up for the escape room, but we would for something like a dinner theatre kind of mystery (not that it will be that dressy.

It’s bad enough when I start spiraling into bad thoughts when I’m stressed, I don’t need that to start happening when I’m calm too. I wanna just go home and sleep for a month.


After working for a long stretch (just one day off in two weeks) I was looking forward to a threee day weekend. Now I’m stuck in bed with a runny nose and a slight fever, and cramps that make me nauseous