Vent Your Frustrations!

Not that hot here today, but the humidity is close to 90%, so that’s a lot.


I am, once again, concerned about SWMBO’s lack financial acumen. I can only describe her as a spendthrift.

We are looking at paying off the mortgage (generosity/possible inheritance in advance from my mother) which means SWMBO needs a credit history after that occurs should we ever get a remortgage or require another line of credit. She has acquired (on my researched advice) a “My First Credit Card” with a small limit, linked to our joint account by my insistence. To my (expected) dismay, as of the beginning of the week, she only has a single figured amount in her account (hence linking her baby card to the joint account so hers, and my, credit rating won’t get screwed through non-payment). To put this figure into context, it wasn’t enough to buy a 4pt of milk in the UK.

Question to all: Now that she has a way to keep Sproglet alive without depleting her own funds, quite simply she owes me ~£1.5k from keeping her afloat from my personal savings. Can I cut her off from my personal reserves yet?

To make it clear we both equally pay for Sproglet’s upbringing, or so I hope. We each get £20/month for essential groceries (going to cancel now she’s got a joint-linked card) and try to split everything else in half (providing figures are remembered or receipts saved).

Her father is extremely financially correct to the extent that I am genuinely concerned why absolutely none of this information has been passed onto his wife, daughter or son. (Unfortunately I am not exaggerating…) I do wonder how much this has to do with a solid refusal to budget…


Very minor vent here:

Our electronical blood pressure monitor is annoying me. Even though I haven’t had a single reading over 95/60 since we’ve gotten that stupid thing, it insists on pumping it up to 200 before starting to measure. It. hurts.

Went to the pharmacy to get a manual one. It’s over 70€. Meh.


I have a mysoginist coworker, but I don’t have anything concrete enough to report him. Just yesterday, I explained something to him twice, and apparently he didn’t understand. This morning we had a meeting with our manager, he brought up the same issue, and when our manager (a man) explained he suddenly understood everything he said! I’m also a lot younger than him, so that might be playing a part too. There’s a million other “small” evidence like that and it’s really adding up and I’m just so tired of this guy.


I really hate that on first day of being able to actually swim in order to swim… instead of using the pool ladder to get into our above-ground pool, I have to climb over the edge and go into the pool that way and since I’m not my sister I hate doing that because it’s really scary for me

(we can’t go in via the pool ladder to the fact we need to put a mat down inside the pool)

Oh and I’m also going to be praticing today on how to get out of the pool w/o the above ground pool ladder so doubly scary)… wish we had the work bench we used first summer we had this new pool

So I did something dumb and I’m paying the price for it. My husband and I were outside putting my beach chair into the carrying bag. Something buzzed me. I freaked and fell down on the ground on my bad leg. So yeah I’m sore. lol I’ll be feeling it tomorrow I’m sure.


I’m angry about the supreme court


Roommate is having a full screaming crying hyperventilating breakdown in their room and neither other roommate or I know what’s it’s about or how to help


Update: They accidentally deleted their entire Dropbox files which was the straw that broke the camels back after the disaster that was today. But we sorted out recovering the files so it should be okay.


So both my grandparents on my mothers side tested positive for COVID about 10 days ago. Fortunately neither one of them have had any symptoms at all. However, my grandmother has convinced herself that she is going to die. Shes been to the doctor who has confirmed that yes she has it but shes completely asymptomatic. Despite this she is 100% convinced she is doomed. The stress of that is causing her blood pressure to rise.

None of us know how to convince her that while she should isolated until shes negative shes not going to just spontaneously pass.


I went kayaking for two hours with my brother today, it was ~96°F out there on the lake. Great fun, and relaxing.

On the way to get lunch, I had to stop suddenly cause of traffic at a red light in construction. No biggie, until the kid behind me slammed into us forcing my car to hit the car in front of me. Poor lady in front of me was trying to get two intersections down where her mom had been in a car accident.

And I foolishly just got the cop’s report card, so I don’t have the kid’s insurance or name. But I’ve got photos of the cars, so there’s that.

$499 deductable, and since I didn’t get the dude’s information, I can’t get a rental cause I don’t pay for that thru my insurance. At least my parents have a car I can borrow? And I might be able to get info Monday…

We were just trying to get to lunch, and instead had to wait in a busy intersection while the cops got all the info and such. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Oh, and this was the second time I’ve been rear ended in this car, so not fun.


And today I discovered fire ants on my balcony, in my apt by the balcony door, and on my ceiling the hard way. They bit me! Now my apartment smells like ant killer… What makes it worse is I live upstairs and my downstairs neighbor is dealing with them in her bedroom. At least they haven’t made it to my room, yet?


That sucks. I think there are some on my front stoop; at any rate they are red.

Today started in the crapper and didn’t get better. I had to write the order I loathe with a passion (NPO or no food by mouth) and shortly after I did all the paperwork including calling the family, the resident passed (not quite unexpected). My last one of the day is forgetting to feed themselves and is having trouble swallowing. I’m left trying to balance quality of life versus choking to death given how little they want to eat.


I kinda messed things up with my best friend.

I said something that was taken in a way most definitely not meant, and now he’s angry at me. He’s not 100% wrong, but he’s not right, either.


I’m just really pissed off that my prescription I was going to pick up from the drugstore when I was out today getting a lunch- wasn’t ready and when we called to renew it it said it “would be ready by after 9am on Sunday morning”… But turns out they weren’t getting it delivered until TODAY so Mom will have to pick it up tomorrow when she’s out

And my prescription still isn’t ready and I’m down to ONE Day of this prescription! I mean why couldn’t they have told me YESTERDAY they needed us to contact the Doctor so I can get permission for a substitute?

They keep telling us that “they’re expecting a delivery” of (prescription) but maybe they could just TELL us there’s a shortage of (prescription) at the moment?

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Ok bad to worse… I’m already am down to tonight’s and one day left (tomorrow) and we tried to do everything but we can’t seem to get any of the below done: 1)we can’t get in touch with my specialist -we tried both emailing them AND trying to call but they closed at 3pm and aren’t going to be open until Thursday morning and that’s way too late, -the pharmacy has tried twice to get the doctor to give permission for another drug 2)mom and my family’s doctor is on vacation until August 3)When we went to the walk-in clinic to see about get permission for another drug in the same family (a substitute) the doctor didn’t seem to understand the words “there’s a shortage of (medication)” and just gave me a prescription for the medication there isn’t ANY AVAIBLE!. Since when Mom tried to use the prescription at the pharmacy they told her there isn’t any avaible anywhere…

and I have like nothing left after 10-10:30am tomorrow Moring

So the entire’s family is really pissed off with the attitude of the drugstore and of the doctor we DID see at the family clinic

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Man, that really sucks! The upcoming holiday on Friday makes it even more stressful!

I have long been worried about this kind of scenario happening to my family members.

I sure hope it gets sorted out ASAP, and that you don’t suffer much more than you have already. Sounds like you’ll be going back to the walk-in clinic. Perhaps get them to phone your pharmacist to confirm the shortage? Or have the pharmacist fax a note to the clinic about it?

This is a good example of why pharmacists should be allowed to prescribe medications, within limits. It’s the kind of idea that appeals to conservative politicians, too, which is what you have in power.

Dad had to go to the Member-only Store Costco to get 35tables of (medication) they had avaible but I’m worried it might cause a problem with my (Provincial disability income) because I normally get (medication) -through (Shoppers Drugmart) and I don’t have to pay through them due to a benefit (one of the reasons, I don’t want to work) of the disability income (aka a drug benefit).

So it means I have enough for a little while and hopefully we hear back from my specialist’s office tomorrow-they’re closed all day today. But I think if the office is going to be closed on Wednesdays doesn’t that mean that on Tuesday they should be open until at least 5pm and not close early on Tuesday?

But I think part of the problem is that Mom used the wrong word and said “expired” when talking to the non-family doctor we saw at (walk-in clinic). I think Mom owes me $5 for being right that what the prescription said that the non-family doctor gave us was the one which there is a shortage of. And she still in a sense owes me $20 for being right that Dad hasn’t put the old toilet seat back on the upstairs toilet before Christmas. And he took it off in August 2021.

The family all agrees that the news should be covering medication shortages and not be so UBER-focused on the new pox… and this is the 2nd time in almost a year that we had a shortage problem of (medication). Last Fall it was (other med I take). That and also drugstores need start having a list of medications there’s shortages of on the counter.

The drugstore at somepoint (I guess when Mom was calling them?) was saying something abut they weren’t a (somekind) of pharmacy) compounding? and I have 0 clue what that means

A compounding pharmacy makes the drugs to order rather than just stocking the pills. The keep the ingredients on hand and combine them as needed for the prescription.