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Happy (and hopefully less frustrated) venting!


My five million problems against my father? And a couple against my sister? And by father ones go back to 2001. I wrote about some of them already.

1.Misue of timer (2001)
2.Dad’s annoying questions (2003)
3. Baked potato incident (2006)-more my sister’s
4. 3 part Bad theme park day (2012)
5. Dad&sis insulting my weight (2014)
6.Pumpkin incident (2014)
7.Dad’s accusing me of acting childish (2014?)
8.scale incident (2016)
8.Dad’s mall hissyfit (2016)
9.two salad incdeints-one with him throwing lettuce and another time him demanding I make a salad.(2016)
10.Three times over 2016-2018 that Dad spoke for me in the *** doctor’s office and the one time he harassed me.
11.Meltdown at (coffee chain) over a routine in a play-town (2016)
12.Dad claiming the guards at the airport will call 911 on me for “arguing with my parents” after a long trip (2019)
13.Dad taking his bad day out on me over CAKE of all things (2019)
14.Dad and Sis dog walking incident (date unknown)–last one I actually wrote out on here

and most other stuff is minor but has to do with Dad’s cooking. I mean he burned Chinese leftovers for goodness sakes! I mean like Dad kept using the salad bowl to mix potato wedges in despite being told off by Mom several times. Or the fact he could “leave frozen chicken out in the sun to thaw in warming months until Mom told him off” Or one of the last times he cooked he was trying to make a cheese casserole dish (I can’t remember if it was broccoli of cauliflower in the dish) but he was using such a tiny container and it wouldn’t even cover 1/3 of the casserole dish! Not to mention he put way too much oil in it. (ok some other things are Dad’s habbit of locking the screen door and the last time he claimed it was the “wind” which did it and him expecting me to take a key for the inner door all over the place just because he locks the dam inner door when going anywhere.)

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On Monday I made an appointment to get my dishwasher fixed and she said the appointment was for Wednesday so I assumed it was today. They’re either over 2 hours late or supposed to come on a different Wednesday and no one is answering the phones ughhh!


I hate when rules don’t apply to the person who made the rules. Playing hide n seek in among us and one rule was no camping. The host of course camped, but my running around and then going for the kill is considered camping. Really hate that.


Productivity standards in healthcare. Supposed to be 85-87% (so if I work an 8 hour day, I need to have 6.5-7 hours of treatment which for me means roughly 13-14 people). Plus I’m supposed to do point of service documentation on a computer that randomly likes to turn off.

You can have good documentation, good therapy, and poorer productivity. You can have good therapy, good productivity, and bad documentation.
You can have good productivity, good documentation, and bad therapy.


I’m a little annoyed.


Geoducks are disturbing on every level of their existence. For starters, they are not ducks or geo, they are clams. Clams with a very long siphon. I can’t post a picture of one because I’m pretty sure that’s not safe for work. If it helps, the Mandarin Chinese name for it is “elephant trunk clam”.

Also, it is pronounced gooey-duck. Why is it spelled that way? The pronunciation predates the spelling, so someone listened to someone saying “gwideq” and just decided to spell that geoduck.

Nothing about them is okay.


Having to stop my debit card (because it is too damaged to work) just the day when my vaccination passport (mandatory for France, for many places including bars, restaurants and nightclubs) becomes valid, while a friend had proposed an evening in a bar where we can dance.


My frustration right now stems around the fact that I found out secondhand that my dad had a stress test done and my parents didn’t bother to tell me. I was talking to my aunt. She said I know about Aunt Diane and I know about your dad’s stress test.

It really kind of bothers me that my parents didn’t tell me. We’re always very open and the fact that they didn’t tell me hurts. :frowning:

I am also frustrated because I have a spreading numbness in my right leg. I’d had surgery on it 7 years ago but it feels like the numbness is spreading. I wanted to get a nerve conduction test done but my dr won’t write me a script. They want me to see an orthopedist. I have an appointment with a neurologist but not until March.


One of the many things I’m anxious about is sharing my writing. I want to put one particular story on the web, but I’d like more feedback before I do that. So I posted the story to a writing group I belong to.

Nobody’s responded. They’re talking in the group, so I know they’re there, but not even acknowledging that I posted.


I have a tiny hoarding problem (not like those you see on those shows) and I was trying to figure out why I hoard stuff. A couple of days ago I realized it actually stems from my parents. My dad would drink/eat most of the snacks when I was younger,(still does) before me or my sister could get some. My mom would donate books or toys thinking we were not playing/reading them any even though we were. (she asks now).

I still get annoyed at my dad eating all the snacks, which also has caused my mom to hoard her snacks on her dresser.


Snacks seem a little minor compared to a father who eat leftovers that others mean to eat.

I’m frustrated by fellow writers. I have questions which are related to plot in my SimLit-and except on occasion-all I get is frustration from them. One time recently (around New Year’s)-I got banned for a week from a certain forum because I was trying to combine two different ideas (I wouldn’t say what they are-but two hints: BIPOC stereotypes and old Jewish stereotypes) and people said on the thread “I was spreading hate” and the moderator saying (before she banned me and locked that thread) said “it could be hurtful to BIPOC/Jewish people” Now I’m having this other problem and the latest comment on my latest thread- is my “problem is becoming a Gordian knot”

This is what the poster said-and its kind of hurtful I found it.

I won’t lie, it’s starting to feel like your actual issue is that you need to find a way to find a way to simplify things. Because, at least for me, this is all becoming one hell of a Gordian Knot where the best way to solve it is just to cut it in half.

I don’t seem to understand how its a Gordon knot-its easy to understand or I think it is?:


I have 5 generations at the moment-for 3 generations (when Gen 5 age up to teen she will get it )-the next heiress get the necklace which been handed down since Clarissa (and in Gen 2-it got passed three times-Clarissa->Carly (Carly didn’t actually give it to Molly-but Molly recused it from a pawn show)->Molly->Hannah (youngest sister and the true Gen 2 heiress)->America (Gen 3 heiress)->Elizabeth (Gen 4 heiress)->Juliet(Gen 5 heiress). The last two will (or in Elizabeth’s case already has) have kids “young”. Due to “plot reasons”- Juliet and her husband (I wouldn’t hint at what the husband’s name is you have to guess) will have to give up one of their twin daughters (Selene-Gen 6 heiress) to distant cousins-and I’m trying to find a way around how to explain that Selene gets the necklace “latter in life” or has it temporary on the “ball night” (yeah Gen 6 is a bit of a mixed Cinderella bag) and the former heiresses dying is NOT an option-since Elizabeth is still around for a bit of Gen 7’s plotline.

So I’m a bit frustrated with these people.

Jury duty sucks. Rather, dealing with the transportation sucks. I wouldn’t even mind serving on a jury, but the district court is in a town 40 minutes away and I don’t have a car. There’s also no public transportation there. That means dealing with rideshares (and there apparently are no rideshares in the district court’s town) and taxis. It cost me over $100.

Next time, I’m just going to tell them that I don’t have a way to get there that doesn’t cause undue strain on my finances.


I got my first jury duty call-but my parents said I’m unegilbe to do it since of my mental disablities

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I’m been waiting for two months to get “community funding”. While we got “big envelope” from them but nothing in the package mentions the “special funding” about techology. And that’s what we needed to know if I can use the money for a “gaming computer”. It also doesn’t help that Mom couldn’t wait the email last night she meant to write it and then she forgot to pick up a direct deposit check from the bank when she was out today.

So I’m a but grumpy about the “no special funding message”

Gah, I’m fuming over how complicated it has become to travel.

We want to sail to the Canary Islands, we’re vaccinated but don’t have the electronic European certificate, only the official one with a stamp we got here. No one can say if this is valid.

If it’s not valid, we will have to get tests done, and we need an appointment for that. It will only be valid for 72 hours, so we will have to match that appointment with weather. So frustrated right now


How TF am I not in the Autism spectrum? Or at least close enough to it?

A few months ago I went through a round of psychological testing where I thought, among other possibilities, that I could be diagnosed as being in the spectrum. I HAVE shown signs of being on the higher-functioning end of the spectrum throughout my life! I am sometimes (not always) overly literal, I am extremely logical, I sometimes have to do movements to self-stim, I get anxious with certain sounds, I had difficulty looking people in the eye as a kid. People close to me also thought it was likely I’d be in the spectrum.

Instead, the only diagnosis I got was that I’m “gifted” (above average IQ in several areas), and that’s between quotes because it doesn’t feel like a gift at all! It’s frustrating because (a) I already knew that and (b) being smart won’t actually get you anywhere in life if you can’t get your shit together emotionally!
[By the way, I’m sorry if saying that grates on anyone’s nerves, it’s absolutely not the intention. It is what it is.]

It’s not that I think this diagnosis is wrong per se, but I don’t think it’s the only thing going on here.

Anyway, this was a few months ago and it’s still grating on my nerves. I should go back to therapy, but still haven’t gotten myself to do it. So i suppose getting it out of my chest helps a bit!


With a particular “wizarding series”. There’s two stupid questions which kept getting asked over and over again and it’s driving me nuts. Don’t worry I will put both questions in spoilers so those you don’t know the plot don’t get spoiled. The first question is from Book 4 “Why didn’t Fake!Moody use another method to kidnapped Harry?” and the other question is from the beginning of book 7 “Why didn’t the Order try other methods of moving Harry?”

Oh man I hear you on that. I am spending hundreds of dollars just on pre-flight COVID testing because everything has to be rushed right before the flight. Then you land and nobody has masks on so what’s the point.

My vent is Im sick and tired of people pressuring me to take my mask off or get close to people and telling me to “relax.” I would be more relaxed if you weren’t pressuring me to be unsafe! Just let me wear my mask and social distance and I will be so relaxed!!

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Yeah, traveling has gotten more complicated.

It was infuriating entering Spain, in the end we all payed to get tested after arrival, rather than dealing with the bureaucracy, broken servers and stupid apps