Unpopular opinions you hold

That’s kind of how the Haab’ (Maya calendar) worked. 18 months of 20 days, and then five days outside the calendar called the Wayeb’. Except the days were considered unlucky/dangerous. That is one option: just declare those days to be outside the calendar and therefore nobody has to work.

Another option is to delete the five days and have a leap month every six or so years. This is something found in lunar calendars, like the Hebrew calendar. Basically, since the moon phases don’t match up perfectly with the solar year, they add an extra month every 2-3 years so it doesn’t drift.

So you can do a couple things with them, but those are pretty unlikely to be implemented.

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I’m not sure if this opinion is unpopular or not but I saw a quote on Facebook about Game of Thrones thats spoke to me. I can’t find it now so the below is my attempt at paraphrasing:

“George RR Martin loves killing his characters so much that he forgot he needs them to complete the story. He solved that conundrum by introducing unnecessary sub-plots and secondary characters and would have benefited greatly from being reigned in by a strong editor but we’ve now been waiting over 10 years for the next book because even he has lost interest.”

Edit: On a related note I’ve seen some authors debate whether the audience are ‘owed’ sequels and/or the conclusion of a series. As someone who despises an unresolved narrative I’m very much of the opinion that if you start something you should finish it but obviously opinions vary.


Inclined to agree there. I’m still (getting to be im)patiently waiting for the last in the Night World series by LJ Smith! She said in 2012 that Strange Fate would show the endgame for all the characters - 10 years later… tumbleweed


For both movies and books (and games and any other story-medium really) I am of the distinct opinion that if you don’t feel you owe me a complete story (I’ll even accept an unsatisfactory ending as long as there is at least an ending) then I don’t owe you any money.


The concept of free will causes more restrictions and punishments than the idea that the environment determines behaviour. (For those who want to know more, B.F. Skinner wrote Beyond Freedom And Dignity and it covers these concepts in detail. Skinner is a good writer.)

Economics isn’t a science.

The metric system doesn’t require base 10, but it does require a base. The imperial system is baseless.

Set theory is broken. They need to get rid of the idea that all sets contain the empty set, because that causes paradoxes. And they need to integrate limits into their definitions of a set, keeping in mind that limits are properties of operations, so you logically cannot have a set without an operation. For example, multiplication of whole numbers has 2 limits: 1 and infinity. It contains the numbers between 1 and infinity but it does not contain 1 and infinity. For about the same reason why the inside of a soap bubble is made of air, not soap.

Government shouldn’t be involved in people’s love life. This means I want to ban the governmental registration of marriage and all benefits and obligations that come with it. If you want to make a legally binding agreement with someone, you can sign a contract like everybody else.

Likewise, government shouldn’t register gender or race. These too have nothing to do with government. The government can hire researchers who deliver anonymised data, just like everybody else.


I am a firm believer in the closed circle of economics and perpetual growth isn’t a good or viable thing. If something grows, something else has to shrink. If I take a Pun off Stephen, he has one less Pun and I have one more. In the same way, if I mine up a ton of Gold, the Earth has one ton less of Gold and I have one more. The Growth system of Economics is going to come crashing down, certainly within the lifetime of Sproglet or her offspring.

Also, Vegan products are not inherently better for the environment. Vegan clothing often replaces leather with plastic. And just because you eat fruit and veg, the carbon footprint needs to be factored in before one starts making claims.

Shop local, eat local and eat seasonally.



If sets didn’t contain the empty set it would break a hell of a lot of combinatorics and topology. I’m not completely sure what you mean by “causes paradoxes” but I’ve seen more problems from not defining the empty set as a subset of every set then I have from defining it as such. I’m also confused by the latter half of your paragraph. What exactly do you mean that they need to integrate limits into the definition of a set? Isn’t that just the concept of limit points? And your example, if I understand you properly, is the set, given a real number c, {x | x=cn, n a whole number}. This indeed goes to infinity as n does, though it’s actually closed at the bottom at 0, not open to 1. I’m not sure where the problem lies in the set theory, beyond the fact that the forum won’t let me use the math notation I want to.

Sorry, I like rambling about math and set theory is something my housemate is currently doing in their Real Analysis class, so we’ve been having a lot of discussions about it.

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There are paradoxes in set theory even if sets didn’t include the empty set, like Russell’s paradox.

Let R = {x|x ∉ x}. R is the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. If R contains itself, then it cannot be in R. So since R does not contain itself, it is in R.

Not sure what is meant by “integrate limits into definitions of a set” either. They kind of are already there when you define the set. Taking the C = {x|x=cn, ∀n∈/Z} example, the limits are actually -∞ to +∞, since n being a whole number includes negative whole numbers. The limits are there, but we don’t need to state them separately in the definition of the set like is done with taking intergrals.

As for maths notation, pressing windows+fullstop brings up an emoji keyboard, which you can switch into a special characters keyboard, which has a tab for mathematical notation. May not work depending on which device you’re using and is a little fiddly to mess around with. Doesn’t have the specific double line font used for sets like /N, /Z, /Q, ect though which is a shame.

I did my master’s thesis* on intersecting sets, so if you have questions feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to answer, assuming the knowledge hasn’t completely dribbled out of my ears since I was actively studying.

/* At least I think it’s called a master’s thesis? No one I knew called it that, we called it our 4th year project, but the project was a third of our credits and the 4th year was the one that turned our degree from a normal one into a master’s one so I think it’s roughly the same thing.

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The letter H should not be pronounced with a silent H.


I 'ardly hever pronounce it aitch


On a related note, jai sounds better than jay for the pronunciation of the letter j.


I prefer pronouncing J like an H, especially when speaking to Jesus.


Pasta tastes different based on the shape. Also, whole cookies taste better than cookies that have been broken.


Well, pasta does taste different depending on the shape. That’s why they make so many shapes, they have different cooking needs and sauce retention capabilities to get the right taste every time.

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Might get lynched for this.

Women complaining about tampon prices are annoying.
I’ve been menstruating for 23 years, I know the prices, I know that it is something boring to spend money on and I know having periods is not something we choose. Back then you pretty much had the choice between pads and tampons.

In the last 10-15 years there has popped up so many new options to deal with this, there are menstruation cups, period underwear (that looks and feels like normal panties, but features a special layer that helps prevent blood from leaking through), washable cotton pads and so on. There are so many new options!

People choosing to use tampons are choosing to pick the most expensive tool. It is a one way product and you pay for the convenience. There are many more affordable options to pick, if you choose to use tampons regularly, that’s on you.

"But the other options are disgusting!" - Still, you pay for the convenience.

To me, tampons just fall under the general umbrella of ‘it’s more expensive to be a woman’.

We have to buy bras, either for physical comfort or social acceptability. We have to buy some form of menstrual product in order to avoid bleeding over things. Long-term contraception is usually the woman’s responsibility, and in less civilised countries we have to pay for that birth control.

I can’t think of any equivalent that men have to buy that women don’t; and no, razors are not it, because a) it is socially acceptable for men to grow beards and the lack of a razor never results in trying to scrub stinky ex-uterus lining out of an office chair, and b) many women pretty much have to buy razors too, due to societal views on body hair.

It takes a while to say all that, though, and ‘tampons are so expensive’ is quicker :slight_smile:


I don’t have to buy a razor for my body hair since mine is about as blonde as my eyebrows and it’s almost invisbile and I’m still a woman

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I don’t have to shave either, for the same reason. That’s why I said many women.

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Just wait until menopause…


And they’re usually the least environmentally friendly AND sewage unfriendly option.
I understand where people are coming from, and honestly taxing pretty much anything you have to buy on the reg to keep sanitary is kinda stupid (i.e. toilet paper, etc) but tampons are the most dangerous (and unsanitary) and overall worst option.

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