Unhelpful answers to Development Services group home questions

About being “parked” in the store: If your only concern is that people might think you’re in line, that is something that I have dealt with quite a few times. I stand off to one side as much as I can, and read my book or my phone or daydream. Whenever someone comes close enough, I just wave at the actual line and say “I’m not in line, go ahead”. My daughter would prefer to wait than to be dragged around with me, up one aisle and down another. But I generally drag her around, and send her to find stuff for me.

But Dad isn’t suppose to be lifting heavy stuff yet, so I’m a bit concerned about that as well when he wonders off to another part of the store and leaves me “parked” near the cash registers or something. Like one time a customer thought I was waiting in line for the pharmacy and I told Dad (Who was talking to a pharmacist?) I was “going to wait over near the shelves” and Dad didn’t seem to care and just waved his hand at me to “go away” (and this is at Wholesaler) and that was after another time, a pharmacist (?) thought I was waiting in line.

And today he forgot he had “parked” me in another aisle at another store. And another issue of parking shopping carts" is this- most weeks we get bags of milk for the house.at Store 1. Dad’s way of dealing with the milk is we will stop the cart either a)in front of the shelves or b)in the way of one of the the side freezer bins-which have I’m guessing impulse buys for people walking by on the other side of the milk fridge is. Then he will go OVER to the milk bag fridge and pick up one milk bag, and then I have to carry it a short distance to the shopping cart and then go back to get the next milk bag. When there’s a much more convenient way to do that without me needing to “park” the cart near the shelf/the right side of the freezer bins. I could park on the left side of the freezer bins and be much more closer to the milk fridge.

What about my Dad’s projects he never seemed to finish?

Everyone has unfinished projects. I have a table runner that just needs two more hours of handstitching to finish it; it has been like that for two years. When I de-cluttered my house a few years ago, I threw out all kinds of material for craft projects that I had planned to do but never even started. I have a bunch of unfinished writing projects too. I won’t even start on the list of home repairs! Anything that is truly important gets done, though.

I was thinking more of planning for trips, or making meals—things that definitely have to happen.

Sorry for the stop-and-start here; I am also making supper right now.

Dad doesn’t cook any meals hasn’t since March 2020 for goodness, I got really sick of being roped in 4 nights a week I was home and Dad did the cook supper and I made the salad. And I had no choice or else we would end up with something like lemon juice on Waldorf salad! OR there’s the time he burned Chinese leftovers

The parents plan trips together (when we can take them) and then we book (the last 3) we book a coach (not a couch!) company. on our last trip Dad got grumpy about having to “rearrange seats” every day in the coach and yet we had done the same thing on our previous trip

I understand about making supper, that’s my job tomorrow

Oh and one time we’re going to have Chinese leftovers and he wasn’t feeling too well and he somehow expected me to “put them in the oven” and I had NEVER done that ever. When I told Mom that she said she would deal with it.

Of course this is the same Dad who will occasionally eat leftovers other meant to eat in like 2018, Mom made crab cakes earlier in the week, (3+two leftover). And on Thursday night (play night for mom and I) we were going to grab the crab cakes for our supper for that night, and the leftover crab cakes were gone! When Mom talked to Dad, Dad told her he had eaten them, not realizing it was going to be our (Mom/my) supper. And another time we had leftover cooked chicken in the fridge, and Mom wanted to use it for supper and Dad said he had eaten it. This was a problem even in Sumer 2020-there was tortilla shells in the fride in the bag. I was coming out of the dinning room and towards the sink after lunch and I saw Dad using the shell and I said (knowing Dad’s habit of using leftovers without asking)- “You really should check with Mom before using that” I forgot what Dad said, but something like “Go away”. And a couple of days later we had wraps, and Mom said she had to go get a fresh bag of wraps from the freezer downstairs because of SOMEONE using TWO tortilla shells and it’s a pain opening apart frozen shells.

Oh one time I come home from Bowling on a Monday and Dad deadbolted the screendoor on me (and since I have no cellphone wasn’t even borrowing Mom’s) I had to go nextdoor and ask to burrow theirs and when I got back into the house, Dad asked me why I didn’t knock on the door. I just stood there just staring at him…until it dawn on Mom I couldn’t knock on the door, when he has deadbolted the SCREENDOOR. But then another time earlier (2007)…Dad locked either one or both the doors and I was out walking the eldest dog (non deceased) and when I was able to get inside Dad said “why didn’t you shout? The window was opened” and Mom told him off for that “My name didn’t know that because it wasn’t opened when she LEFT” and he got grump at me when I went nextdoor to see about calling the house after I got fast-food because once again he DEADBOLTED the screendoor.

Dad’s driving me nuts again. I asked him to get Everything bagels from one of the freezers downstairs in the basement. He claimed when I asked him “I don’t know where they’re at the moment” but yet like in mid-Nov when were putting some of MY bread away he was Complaing “DOESN’T ANYONE EAT THESE BAGELS ANYMORE?!” And yet that was before I starting to have Dad’s porridge so at the time, I was still having (half) a bagel for Thursday Grocery-shopping breakfast.

And last night, Dad was his helpful (NOT!) self by turning the celling fan on in the library but that just made an already freezing room more freezing! So I had to turn the fan off as soon as I realized it was on.

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