Unfiltered stories on right?

The two most recent stories on Right seem to be from Unfiltered, what with the lack of formatting, however, they don’t even have “Unfiltered Story #xxx” as a title. What’s up with these?

The first one is, in fact, Unfiltered-fodder, but the second feels like it should be on NaW, not on NaR, anyway.
EDIT: by now, they have been correctly moved to Unfiltered. (I agree with Stephen that the second could be promoted to NaW, though.)


It could be classed as the first one, as it was posted first? In any case,it’s this one!



I’m glad they were fixed! If this happens again, just go ahead and report it so the editing team can look at it.


Yeah, I wasn’t even sure what the issue was – I wasn’t certain they were intended for Unfiltered because, as shown in my screenshot, they didn’t have ANY title at all. So I thought it might be a technical error, not an editing one.

And @Stephen, you’re right in that sense – I meant “second” as “second on the screenshot”, but yes, it was the first one chronologically.