Two Truths and a Lie

Hi all, I’m falling back on my summer camp instincts and starting an ice breaker. If you’ve never played Two Truths and a Lie before, it’s just like it says on the tin. Tell us three things about you, two real and one fake. Others can guess which is which.

Here’s mine: I’m an avid scuba diver, I love baking cakes, and I’ve climbed a volcano.


I don’t think I would be much good at guessing other people’s 2t&l.
Just trying, I would guess that Monday has either never climbed a volcano or doesn’t like baking cakes. Or perhaps it’s being an avid scuba diver that is untrue?
See, I told you I was no good at this game!

Here’s mine, for what it’s worth.

[1] I graduated from university at PhD level.
[2] I often suffer severe depression.
[3] I speak three languages.



If you’re a scuba diver you’ve probably climbed a sea mount, so I’m going with cakes! I bet you eat them though.

I don’t think you’ve moved 20 times. I refuse to believe someone would put themselves through that trauma :scream:

Hmm maybe you speak more than three languages?

I’m no good at these but I’ll try:

  1. I can count to 10 in 5 languages
  2. I lived in a “tiny house” for a year
  3. I’ve been to Hobbiton in NZ twice

Actually, I cheated a bit.
My number 3 about speaking three languages is only half false (or half true, if you prefer) as I can speak enough of two languages to say that I don’t speak the language!
My third (actually first) language is English which is the only one I speak fluently.

Does that disqualify me?

I’m not going to even try to guess anyone else’s as I always get it wrong.


Oh difficult one, they all seem plausible

I’m going to go with the hobbit!

As for me:
[1] I can’t roll my tongue
[2] I can’t blow bubbles with chewing gum
[3] I can’t stand on the tip of my toes


Well done Raven, I wouldn’t have gotten yours right :slight_smile:

Wesley I’m guessing #1 is the lie, that’s a lot of moving!

RR8 I’m guessing Hobbiton, but I think you’ve gone once.

Sillsallad, I think you could probably do your third if you studied pointe, so I’m guessing the first one. That’s a tricky one!

As for mine, I am not an avid scuba diver, I’ve never done it at all. I love baking and on a trip to Italy I climbed Mt Vesuvius, which is an inactive volcano. (Though to be fair, it’s a very easy climb, a path has been made to the top for tourists to use)

  1. I once attended a play where the audience was smaller than the cast–and my tickets were free.

  2. In the middle of a music concert, I yelled “For the Horde!”

  3. I am studying Middle Egyptian for fun.

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Ok here’s mine:

  1. I’m a black belt in tang soo do.
  2. I once shook hands with an astronaut.
  3. I won first place in breaking at a National tang soo do tournament.
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I’m going with play.

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I’ll play.

  1. I have seen the Backstreet Boys in concert 12 times.
  2. I have been to the United Kingdom.
  3. I have red hair.
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1 and 3 seem to be related, but that makes 2 too obvious as a lie. So I’ll go with 3 as the lie.

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They all seem plausible, but I’m going with Middle Egyptian.

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Nope. Number 3 is true.

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The black belt is a lie? If so, which astronaut?

Yes the black belt was a lie. The astronaut was Colonel James Irwin. He came to my elementary school. I even got in the paper.


I can’t say that I have ever played this game.

  1. I am left handed.
  2. I’ve gone skydiving.
  3. I made it into the newspaper once.
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I’m terrified of heights so I will never skydive.

I actually did make it into the newspaper. The story is slightly silly for how it happened. In my neck of the woods at the time, it had been so cold the night before that the high school football game had been moved to 2 PM Saturday rather than Friday. It was still very cold when we were at band practice before the game. Two reporters were trying to find a story for the tiny blank space they had left so they were quite literally cruising around town looking. They happened to drive past the school and saw the band. They checked with my mother (she was one of the chaperones which meant she could give permission for any of the kids) and she gave them permission to take pictures as long as they didn’t get in our way. I didn’t realize I made the paper until the next day; you can tell from the picture just how cold it must have been. Pretty sure my mother still has the picture somewhere.


Oh that’s amazing, id love to visit My Vesuvius and Pompeii. It’s incredible that that tragedy created such an incredible time capsule.

I love traveling and LOTR and have indeed been to Hobbiton twice :blush: NZ is a wonderful country with amazing coffee I’d love to live in some day.

But not in a tiny house. I have way too many things collected from my travels to fit in a tiny house!


My turn. :smile:
I have been ice-skating, in Australia. In the summer.
I’m a gourmet-level chef.
I’ve been a professional actress in TV and movies.

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