Trying to find a a story

I’m trying to dig up a story on NAR site. I can’t remember all the details. What I can remember is Op’s dad’s friend has I think a mobility problem? And One night Op’s dad’s friend and Op’s dad are driving home and the dad is pulled over by cops-I can’t remember if a brethelayzer is involved-but what I do remember is that the cops wanted the Dad to do the “line test” and the friend said he (the friend will do it)-I can’t remember the result-but I think either way the Dad got off I think due to the friend.

anyone remember that story?

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It doesn’t ring a bell with me, sorry!

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I didn’t think I saw it. Now I think I did, but I searched for (wheelchair police) and for (walker), which passed time pleasantly but it didn’t give me that story.

Maybe it was somewhere else!

nope I remember reading it on here. I never frequented Reddit until recently. So it couldn’t have been from somewhere else. I don’t think the Op’s dad’s friend had a wheelchair or a walker

@rcarnegie @Stephen found the story!

nvm wrong story!

That’s a good story, but it doesn’t appear to match the story you described at the top, unless you got the details wrong?

sorry I got myself mixed up. I was trying to find a different story @Stephen nvm! But I had been looking for this one for awhile as well

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