Trouble with Transcription Class (A college story)

This is an experience I had in college (Community college for Americans). I was in General Office Admin course and if I had passed a class (which I didn’t) in the 2nd semester, I would have gone onto the Executive branch of program.

Actual Story:

The class was called transcription class. With demo tapes for the class we had to transcribe the audio on the tape and start/stop the tape with a foot control. Now despite having 17 years of being in school I never learned grammer even once in public school. So the first time I learned grammer was through this course. I failed the course three times once that year, and the next year.

And I had to take the course again during the summer as well and that’s what made it worse. That Teacher 1 had one way of being “Correct” and the summer Teacher had a different way of “correct” so when I was doing it Teacher I’s one (which I think I finally mastered). Like I pout a comma in a place where Teacher 1 said there should be but the Summer Teacher said a comma shouldn’t be there. So I failed that trans class as well. And I was forced to take a grammer course that fall “just in cause I could join in the next winter’s transclass” and (that grammer course is another story). I tried doing it and I don’t think I passed since I wasn’t made to do another Trans class. And I ended up graduating (angrily) in October 2012 with an Office Tech Admin certificate instead of what I should have gotten (Executive Office Admin) diploma.

And I discovered years later when I was with the crappy work program I have mentioned before that one week we were at the college (not for work) and we got school program booklets and I was going to show someone the office admin page in the program booklets and I discovered that the transcription class was no longer needed for “General Office Admin” which makes me really angry. Since I had always through it had been pointless for someone whom was supposed to go into the executive branch of the Office Admin program vs those whom was going into the Legal and Medical branches of the same program.

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