Tract for tip

From Wilkie Collins’ novel The Moostone, published in 1868:

I paid the cabman exactly his fare. He received it with an oath; upon which I instantly gave him a tract. If I had presented a pistol at his head, this abandoned wretch could hardly have exhibited greater consternation. He jumped up on his box, and, with profane exclamations of dismay, drove off furiously. Quite useless, I am happy to say! I sowed the good seed, in spite of him, by throwing a second tract in at the window of the cab.

So is this the earliest example?


I don’t know about tips, but the oldest extant customer complaint is even older.

Take a wild guess as to the date as to when it was written.

Did you come up with the 18th Century BCE?

And that it was carved, literally, in stone? Well, clay, actually, but still.


Is FURIOUSLY trying to think of a “yo momma” joke.

Is that a type of marbull?

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Eh? Tell me Moh.


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