Too many damned mugs AIBU?

Ok so I’m going to preface this by saying that my husband ans mil are the only ones who drink hot drinks on a regular basis. I prefer cold drinks tho I drink hot chocolate and tea once in awhile. We don’t have regular visitors so we don’t need a billion mugs. We also have limited cabinet space.

My mil is OBSESSED with moose. She’s up to four mugs now I think with a moose on them. Plus she’s absconded the night I got from my Secret Santa with our two cats on it. Now heather one cat did just die. But still that was my mug.

How can I nicely get them to choose maybe three mugs apiece to put into the cabinet to use on the regular? I’d considered getting a mug tree but we only have so much space on our countertop. Every time I look at that stupid cabinet I go crazy because there’s no need for it! I don’t even have anyplace fo put a glass for myself.

When I was in a similar situation, I forced the hand by simply removing the mugs I didn’t want from the equation. I’d suggest boxing up all but one mug each plus a single spare and consigning the box to storage or giving them to charity.

I have the occasional hot drink and SWMBO even more occasionally has one. My father (who doesn’t live with us) seemed obsessed that we had to keep a particular set of mugs that SWMBO bought but nobody liked. Even boxing them up didn’t help because one would come back out. Yet he wouldn’t say why. I literally had to bury them in garbage to make them disappear.

Can I ask what SWMBO stands for?

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She Who Must Be Obeyed…

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Thank you. Love it. lol

Late to this, but:

It sounds like kitchen storage in general is in shortage, and like the mugs wouldn’t bother you as much if there were enough room to not care. Would it make any difference to address that more broadly with your husband and MIL (and any others sharing your household)? If you point out that you need somewhere to put glasses, for instance, mug storage can come up as part of that context but might not be the whole solution – and if you don’t even have room for a glass, maybe they have storage/access irritations about other kitchen things, too. Perhaps some other kitchenware could also be pruned, or other storage solutions brainstormed (shuffle what’s stowed where to fit better, add a shelf stand inside a cabinet to improve space use, store rarely used stuff out of the kitchen, put mug-hanging hooks under the cabinets, ?), or general guidelines set (e.g. nothing new [mug or otherwise] comes into kitchen storage without getting rid of an existing thing) or the like.

It’s not at all unreasonable to want space in your kitchen to put dishes you use! It’s also not unreasonable to be annoyed about an overabundance of x in storage when there’s no room for y. There’s a chance there’s a more reasonable solution than just addressing the mugs, though, and making it not just about the mugs might make it go over better.

But if I’m reading your post right, there’s also a separate issue that your MIL took your cat mug. I’d ask for that back separately and directly, especially given the recent cat death. I’m sorry for your loss! :frowning: