Today I learned movie/TV Asian take-out boxes really exist!

I don’t watch a lot of what one might movies set at college. So my only knowledge until today of “Asian Food movie/TV take-out boxes” were Incredibles 2 ( make that Pixar movies) and Sims 2: University

( I can’t find an example of the Sims 2 University Chinese food take out)

So I just assumed that those kind of boxes were “movie Asian take-outboxes” At the end I will show what I’m familiar with in regards to Asian food.

So I was hanging out with two friends of mine and the Friend’s 1 son (who I guess is sort of a friend of mine) and his friends at a mall two towns over from me- the Friend 1 needed a hand with her own Christmas shopping and also my Dad was willing to drive her to the mall along with me and drive both her and her son home). And due to the food court seating area being a bit of a maze due to the Viral yuck-getting in and out can be a bit tricky… but it’s was one of the times going out, I notice on other mall-goers’ tables one of the Asian food kiosk in the food court had what I had typically associated with movie-only take out boxes

This is what I’m more familiar with when it comes to Asian food

So am I wrong to have assumed until today that the upright, square container were movie-only?

The only difference between the Squar Asian food container I saw today and the movies/Sims 2:Unvervisty is that the latter two are white packaging vs. the container I saw today was more colourful

It seems to vary from restaurant to restaurant, simply based on what each chooses to stock/use, and sometimes from dish to dish. I think I’ve only seen the folded cardboard ones for Chinese food and maybe one Thai place, though, not for other Asian cuisines. Of the local places we order Chinese, different ones use each of the different containers you pictured, and one uses the black ones for saucy dishes and the folded ones for rice and other less-drippy foods. One also uses little waxed sacks for some appetizers.

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Well I never knew they actually existed in real life until I was in a mall’s food court today.
Since most of the food court’s kiosk are just giving you take-out stuff _(even if you’re eating in) so I had never really seen one outside of Pixar movies and Sims 2: University

I’ve only seen those once, when we ordered takeaway in Florida on holiday.

It was some years later thar I learned those boxes open up to become plates. We could have saved ourselves a LOT of washing up!


I’ve seen them once or twice IRL, but take out is usually served in aluminium containers.


Maybe it has to do with the wetness of the food? I usually order saucy things, so the little boxes might be impractical.

The few times I got the boxes were when I ordered food that was pretty dry and planned to be had immediately


We have a single Thai place that uses the cardboard boxes more as an aesthetic choice than anything else. They’re also a makeshift theatre at times. Every Chinese takeaway seems to come in the plastic boxes with foil containers for Fritters and Indian food.

We’ve got plastic containers, which are really useful. You can put them in the microwave, and reuse them for other leftovers after. They are pretty sturdy.

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If I buy some noodles at the station, I get these boxes. They’re pretty normal here.

If I go for some higher quality food, it depends on the restaurant. The one I normally use has these:

Others use aluminum containers.

Those are the same ones I get, too.

Here in India, mostly you’ll get either metal foil containers or paper/foil bags. There’s been a crackdown on single-use plastic thanks to changing regulations, but anything liquid or with gravy still comes in disposable plastic containers as well.

The ‘TV takeout box’ is endemic to North America primarily, not as common anywhere else per se. It’s called the Oyster Pail (Oyster pail - Wikipedia) as well. It was invented in Chicago, and as many as 300 million of those are manufactured in the US annually.

Back in 2010, History Channel’s Food Tech did a nice episode on Chinese Takeout, which included a segment on the iconic takeout box as well.

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