To buy or not to buy?

Afternoon all,

I have accumulated ~$65 USD on American Amazon. Unfortunately I am unable to move the balance over onto the UK Amazon. So, the question is what to buy…

I would like to get a small cast iron dutch oven, ideally enamelled. However, I am aware that issues may arise when it comes to returning these items if there is a problem. So that may be something to save for and purchase on the UK storefront. Alternatively should I go with bare cast iron as the enamel can’t chip if it doesn’t exist…

So, what should I spend $65 on? I am open to all suggestions. Please bear in mind, I will be paying a fair bit in postage on whatever is suggested.

So maybe $50 US and the rest to go towards postage?

There are PAL format DVDs on Amazon for ridiculously low prices, especially if you’re interested in UK TV shows.

For the $40 item I was looking at, they wanted just under $30 in shipping, just to put things into perspective.

Oof; that’s a painful proportion of shipping cost to item cost. I suppose you could save it for sending presents to any friends/family in the US so the amount wouldn’t be shipping-eaten, but it’s still a pain.

If you’d want enough digital/downloadable media (movies, music, Kindle books, whatever) from the US Amazon, you could buy that and not have to pay for shipping.

I have an enameled Dutch oven that I got a few years ago at a seconds store (remainders, overstock, things with small defects), and I like it and have had no trouble with it. For me, its big advantage over bare cast iron is that it can go in the dishwasher with no problems. Whether you choose bare or enameled, it sounds worthwhile to get something that hefty from the UK Amazon to simplify any needed returns.

Very helpfully I registered with Amazon Mturk (in short do a crappy task for a few minutes with appropriately crappy pay). Unhelpfully I don’t have any stateside relatives. I have always wanted a Dutch Oven, however do not have a dishwasher yet (yay kitchen smaller than the toilet in a studio apartment). I have seen a number of complaints with regards to chipped, cracked or stained enamel. However I could save up for a decent enameled one in later life as it were.

I will ask if a US gift card can be redeemed on the UK site though. Also, once factoring in shipping from across the street world (or across the world to the states and back if you go Le Crueset) it is STILL somehow cheaper to get from the US than domestically. Because, up yours Consumer.

Thanks everyone for your help so far. Keep it coming!

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I would have ordered something electronic and downloadable, like books, music or a game. The hassle with transportation, customs and all that would annoy me

There are also audiobooks through Audible, which is owned by Amazon. Those offerings include some products from The Great Courses, like the excellent course on Creative Non-Fiction (which has a lot of stuff that applies to fiction writing also).

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