Tim Hortons selling a lot new stuff in stores

Tim Hortons is a Canadian Coffee chain. The most famous Tim Horton’s drink is called the “Double Double” (I think it means double cream , double sugar- the only coffee drink- I never want to try) and you know the 'donut holes" you can get from coffee places which also sell donuts? At Tim Horton’s they called TimBits. One of Tim Horton’s two founders was a hockey player called Tim Horton- he died in the mid-70s I think in a car crash. The other founder Ronald Joyce died much more recently in 2019. But by then Tim’s was taken over by the same American company which runs I believe Burger King, and Popeye’s.

Around a year ago if not more I started seeing Tim Horton’s chilli and some of their soup in some of the stores. Not to mention seeing them get into the cereal business as well with a Timbits cereal-no that’s NOT a joke You can either get Chocolate glazed Timbits cereal or Birthday cake Timbits Cereal

Apparently I just discover online in some places there’s non-Timbits cereal from Tim Hortons’ called Cafe Mocha cereal.

In early March at our normal first stop of grocery shopping on shopping day I noticed in one of those “standing freezer bins” you know the ones in the middle of the stores? - that I notice a familiar Red colouring on what appeared to be small Ice Cream containers and when I took a closer look I discover it was Tim Horton’s ice cream apparently there’s I think five flavours -Apple Fritter, Birthday Cake, Double Chocolate Donut and Salted Carmel Ice Capp.

Now last week on our fourth to last stop I notice at this particular store which only has two human cash registers as opposed to self check outs- there’s a big vertical Fridge between the two human cash registers and once again in this fridge I notice out of the corner of my eye the Tim Horton’s red colouring and when I took a closer look apparently Tim’s is now selling Bottled Ice Capps in stores. And today when Dad and I went out to do some tasks, we made a detour to the drug store and in their fridge I saw the item there too.


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Swiss Chalet sauce mix packages have been in stores for years, but Timmy’s is definitely getting their brand well into grocery stores! The ice cream sure looks tempting.

My Dad hates Swiss Chalet so we can never uses those packages. I think lately I seen Montana’s Ribs (which is another restaurant under the same brand as Swiss Chalet, as well as Harvey’s East Side Mario’s, NYF, Kelsey’s, The Pickle Barrel, etc)

I don’t care for their sauce much myself, but I guess lots of folks must.

Do you have Opa! there? The grocery stores here sell their tzatziki. And the Montana’s ribs, too, like you said.

I’m not sure what that is. I’m assuming it’s a restaurant. But then I never heard of a lot of restaurants in the first place. There’s one near Canada’s Wonderland in Maple, Ontario and there’s one in North York Centre in Toronto, Ontario it’s not close but not far away from Toronto Zoo. But I’m going to try to keep my eyes peel if I see anything in grocery stores (and half the problem of trying to keep my eyes open is keeping up with my Hagrid-size dad while pushing the cart).

well I’m thinking about it I should make a half-rant half worry in my venting thread about Thursday.

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