Ticket Beggars

I have been to Lucca Comics, the largest anime and comic convention in Italy (and one of the largest worldwide), which takes up the entirety of the town’s centre, though tickets (and corresponding bracelets) are necessary only to access pavillions and stands containing the various vendors and activities therein, with the streets themsves being open otherwise.

I was going from one pavillion to another, when, on the way there, a man with two children dressed as bears and a woman in a Sailor Moon costume approached me, with the man asking me how to access the pavillion.
Thinking he was a congoer like me, I said he only needed to stand in line and show the bracelet. He didn’t have that, and asked me where to find the ticket office, I told him that everything was online.

And it’s at this point that normalcy goes right out.

Man: “Don’t children in costume enter for free?”

Me: “No, they don’t, they pay full price.”

Man: “Don’t you know any resellers around?”

Me: “Sorry, but I don’t know any.”

Man: “Can’t you give me your ticket for the next day?”

Me: "Of course not! Even if I had one, why would I give you my ticket to you?

Man: “Because that’s the right thing to do! We have traveled far to come here, there has to be something you can do to help.”

And then, suddenly, the woman interjects.

Woman: “Don’t listen to him, we didn’t even travel far! We are from Massarosa [a town that’s 10 minutes by car away], we just forgot to buy tickets, but he insisted to go anyway.”

Me: “Well, sounds like there isn’t much to do here. Enjoy going around the stands.”

And so I leave, with the family looking a fair bit dejected. Who even asks to strangers to give away their tickets point-blank?


It happened to us in San Diego too. Although the people were a bit more polite and reasonable with the narrative being more like: “Hey, have you left for the day and if so can I please have your ticket?”


People who like to play the ‘big man’ to their family and friends, then discover they have completely f’ed up. That’s who.

Other people are merely NPCs in the RPG of this guy’s life. What is even your purpose, if not to get him back on track?


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