Ticked off with Channel B about their getting Famous singers for (City) Santa Claus parade

I normally watch the Toronto Santa Claus parade and I missed most of the two hour program of the Toronto Santa Claus parade because I thought I would be able to watch it for free online only to discover over an hour and 15mins into the program that you need a bacon subscription to the one channel’s bacon website to watch it-my parents are really frugal which means we don’t have subscriptions to anything but barley Amazon Prime). Also this disadvantages poorer Canadians who live in my province at leas who might not be able to afford a subscription to the channel app. But that’s not what I’m really ticked off about. I’m going to call the two channels Chanel A and Chanel B.

Toronto Santa Claus parade used to be on Chanel A and what I remember is that before the parade on TV (which was at 4pm normally on the 2nd Sunday in Nov) would be a “Santa’s workshop” with one of the Channel A’s news people. I don’t remember when Chanel A I think lost the rights to the Toronto Santa Claus parade but whenever it was it went to Chanel B. Sometime around I think 2016- Chanel B started to introduced singers who “just released a Christmas album” and have interviews with them which in my opinion takes bacon time away from the parade- it just it gotten to the point, I wouldn’t want to watch Santa Claus parade in the bacon future if they keep up with the bacon singers I don’t care if its only 2 or 5. I know I would want too but until they get rid of the singers or give it back minus the singers to Chanel A …since I’m sick of the singers.