This would be a fun story on NAR but I doubt they’ll post it

Here’s the link. It’s Reddit but holy mackerel. This woman is CRAZY.


Ahh I saw that yeah. They won’t post it bc they need permission from the poster, but it would def work here.

Oh I agree. Lol

That title did not prepare for what the actual post was including.


Are these parents named Joseph and Mary?


Mary and Joseph wouldn’t be cash grabbing grunts. Although with gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts they wouldn’t need to be…


I think I will do this too.

Everyone who wants to pet my cat will have to

  1. Bring cat food
  2. Clean the litter box



What baffles me, aside from the very fact this couple thought the absurd list was a good idea, is how OP is asking if she’s being the A-Hole here – mind you, not for making that stupid list, but for not bending the rules for her sister in law. :man_facepalming: In what reality does she live that she even has to ask?
Well, she does note they made the list “to lessen visits”, so I suspect mission accomplished, unless they have some relatives who subscribe to the same bizarre way of thinking. Hooray?

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I understand and respect making a list and personally I love the idea of letting visitors do a chore, as the first weeks with a newborn are hard enough. But AND chores, AND groceries, AND a mandatory gift on the first visit. . .

The entitlement is strong with this one.


This is just jaw-dropping. The first few rules… well, okay. They’re a little strict but I can see them as reasonable.
After that… it just takes a 90 degree turn into Crazytown - and as one Reddit commentor says, their behaviour to the poor SIL is just the cherry on top.
That baby is going to grow up so isolated, both from parents’ rules keeping everyone away and the weird ideas / behaviours they’ll pick up from said parents without any social contact to give them a different perspective. Poor kid.


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