The Worst Coworker I Ever Had

While trying to find an example of my letter of resignation to my old company for I friend I accidently dug up an old email that reminded me of an incident with the worst coworker I have ever had. Keep in mind this story is just one full story of MANY with this guy.

I have to give him a name so I don’t have to write “Coworker” 700 times so lets call him “Jack”

Jack was an older individual, I think he might have been in his late 60’s and his conduct eventually did get him removed from the site I worked on. . .then removed from the next one, and the next one and the next one and then got him terminated (over a course of several years). Now, Mr. Jack was one of those people where everything had to be the same way every day and if they weren’t he got super mad.

One night I had an extended shift which meant that instead of starting at 10:00pm and working to 6:00am I worked from 7:00pm to 6:00am. Of course this meant that I had our patrol vehicle by the time he came in and had already completed the sign out process and registering with the onboard.

When Jack came in I gave him the equipment for the post position as I already had the truck being there 3 hours ahead of him so I was taking the first round of patrols.

He refused the equipment and told me he would meet me in the parking area to take the truck. I told him no.

You see, Jack always does the first patrol round and this was the first time we had done an extended like this during his tenure.

He got mad quick and started yelling at me about how things are always this way which forced me to pull policy which dictated that on extended nights the guard on extension takes the truck first (because duh, they’re there 3 hours earlier).

He refused to listen but the fact of the matter was that I had the keys and I was constrained by policy so I told him to bring it up with our supervisor if he had an issue with it but there was nothing I could do.

That’s not even the story, that’s just the lead up to the story. . .

SO! The next day I end up on the 2:00pm to 10:00pm shift (yes, an 8 hour turn around, we did them a lot and they were rough.)

At 10:00pm Jack rolls in to relieve me, I issue the posting equipment to his partner for the night and then wait for him to come up to my car and get the patrol equipment from me (I am parked in the designated on-camera area that we pass this equipment down in. He is outside of it.)

Me: Jack, I have the keys and the phone here for you, sir.

Jack: Well I’m over here.

There was a pause

Me: Yes. . .come and get the equipment.

Jack: No, I’m over here.

Me: What?

Other guard: ?

Jack: I said I’m over here

Me: Yes. . .but you have to come and get the. . .equipment, Jack.

Jack: No, I’m over here.

The other guard and I exchange looks.

Me: Jack, come get your equipment. We have to complete the pass down.

Jack: Well then I guess we can’t complete the pass down.

Me: Jack you can either get the equipment or you can leave the property and I’ll work your shift.

Jack: Well I’m over here.

Other guard: We need to pass down on camera, Jack, you know this.

Jack didn’t reply.

I place the equipment down on my car and unfortunately it slides off and hits the floor.

Jack goes ballistic, leaping from his vehicle and accusing me of throwing it at him and threatening him.

He then walks off the property and grabs a Honolulu Police Department officer that was chilling in our closed driveway exit lane doing his paperwork (common because we allow them to do this at night) and tells the police officer that I was threatening him and threw the equipment at him.

The officer was literally going to try to arrest me but my car was running and my dashboard camera was recording. Since my windows were down it caught everything.

I told the officer I could show him the footage but once I mentioned it he shook his head and told us that it sounded like an internal problem and left.

Jack chased after him demanding his name, badge number, supervisor, everything since he didn’t do anything about the situation.

The officer told Jack that he didn’t care, he was a common visitor to our property and since I was usually on the day shift he knew me well enough to know that I wouldn’t do what Jack was claiming and the fact that I offered camera footage sealed the deal in his mind.

Jack came back in and I told him to gather his equipment or to leave.

He took the equipment and flew into the property almost slamming into the shack and the main gates.

I filed an official complaint with every. single. person. Above me and included the full dash camera footage.

Jack only got a write up.

I found out later that this was to be his revenge for me taking the first set of patrols the night before, I worked with the man for the next 2 years until he finally got himself eliminated for refusing to stop feeding the stray cats on property which was causing issues for our tenants as he was leading them into their areas. When property management ordered him to stop he yelled at them and that was it.

Funny right?

Man tries to get me falsely arrested ON CAMERA and gets a write up.

He yells at the poor property manager about cat food and gets terminated.

And as I said, this is only one story about Jack.

Just one. . .

The longer I stay on NAR and actually put these incidents into words the more I wonder why I stayed with that company and property for 7 years.


Excellent tale! Finger’s crossed this isn’t the only one you’ll be sharing


I am kind of new to forum style websites, if I wanted to tell more stories about Mr.Jack should I do them in line on this topic or start a new topic for each story?

I think doing them all in this thread is better.


Appreciated, I don’t want to anger the forum gods.

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For now, we have a pretty chill community here, so I think either way would be fine, but it’s easier to find stories related to “Jack” if they are all in the same thread.

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If the thread gets archived through lack of activity, I don’t think anyone would mind (*) if you started a fresh one.

(*) By that I mean we would WANT you to post more excellent stories!


PS, you might want to edit, you real name out of the email,


This alone should have gotten the idiot fired, I’m shocked it took even more incidents to give him the boot. I can only assume he had some very compromising photos of someone high up to have protected him as long as it did.

I would love to hear more stories about Jack if you have the stomach to write them…


I see you’ve submitted it, @OctopusCarDoor !


Cool that it got posted! IS this also from you? I notice it’s also from security in Hawaii.


Yes XD

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