The Things Tourists Say

I went to a popular Filipino restaurant this evening and picked up some items for my staff and I. We’ve all been working long hours so I decided to pick everyone up a pork adobo fried rice omelet and a pork guisantes for the one dude that doesn’t eat rice.

This is a pretty popular restaurant and I am given a small wait time and join a group of locals waiting for their food in a seating area.

A group of older white gentleman walk into the location, they must be in their early 70’s and are wearing bright colored collared shirts and ABC store slippers and sunglasses. Tourists? Not a normal place that we see them, but, it’s Hawaii so they get around.

The group approaches the register and starts ordering.

Man: I’ve never had Fallapeño food before! This is going to be my first time!

Cashier: Oh! Good, good, very good.

Man: You didn’t put any dog in it did you, hahaha!

Me and the rest of the locals stopped dead , lowering our books, phones, tablets, ect. Conversations stopped and we all looked up at the register in unison with the same “What did he say?” expression.

The cashier hesitated, clearly blindsided by this comment, but she smiled again.

Cashier: Hahaha, no sir, no.

Man: Good! Good Good

He went on to order, but, when he was told to wait in the seating area he caught the entire room looking daggers at him and opted to stay on the literal other side of the room.

My order was called shortly after and I collected my food and left.

As we say here in Hawaii.

Unreal dat kine. . .


Ah yes, the old “You’re not allowed to be offended if I think I’m funny” gambit.


Man: You didn’t put any dog in it did you, hahaha!

Imagine having the gall to say this and expect other people to find it funny.

On another topic, I should try to find some locally made Filipino food sometime. I guess I could possibly ask my psychiatrist if he knows a place, but for all I know he’s a hamburger and french fries guy.