The Story

This isn’t my story. But a story written by a youtuber (bandgeek8408) years ago for technically 9/11. But could technically be used for any event in the past century. It is called THE STORY. (I might add dramatic flairs at time)

Actually story
He told the story every year. The story was never exactly the same. Some years he would be jovial light-hearted, he would make jokes find humor in the story. Some years he would be more solemn, add weight to the story-emotions would run high on those nights. Some years the story would have lots of details and some years it would be short and to the point. Some years it sounds like he was reading this story and some years he would s.t.u,m,b,le .and choke but every year he would tell the story and every year they would listen.

There were those in the group who like the story teller had lived the story and knew it best-they could have told the story themselves but they all agreed that the story teller told it best. There were also those who remembered the story who hadn’t lived it but remember bits of it in fringes of their memories. They were younger than those who had lived the story.

Finally, as time went on there, emerged another group those-- those who had neither lived nor remember the story but who knew it only because they heard it from the storyteller every year. Though they came to know the story as well as those who had lived it and remembered it. This story meant something different to them. To those who only knew the story but who had not lived it or remember it the story was a ceremony -there was a chance to gather every year to listen to make note of the changes in the story-the added details, the tone-but over time they began to question the ceremony to ask why they needed to hear the story if they already knew it, :rage:Why must they go through the same ritual year after year what was the point? Every time the older members of the gathering would respond the same way "-:point_right:

One year it finally happened the storyteller became too old to tell the story. They gathered just the same even knowing the storyteller would not be telling the story. They sat together and waited though they did not know for what. Some of the older people those who had lived the story made some faltering attempts to tell the story but these ultimately failed and eventually they all went home and the story went unheard for the first time

Year after year the gathering grew smaller and smaller those who knew but had not lived or remember the story were the first to stop attending, then those who remembered the story and finally even those who had lived the story stopped coming to the gathering. The story continued to go untold though they all still remembered it and could have told it had they wanted to as time went on, they began to miss the gatherings and the story.

One night one of those who knew but had not lived or remember the story was putting her own child to bed-the child did not know the story, had never attend the gatherings. The mother had told her child many bedtime stories over the years but not the story and yet that night when her child asked-it was the story that came to mind. So, for the first time since the storyteller had stopped telling it-the story was told Other parents told their children the story and the story came back to life.

t was not the same as before and it never would be. The details of the story would change from generation to generation and the story would never be exactly the same way twice and yet the story lived on not through a yearly gathering or a ceremony but in the very fabric of culture, in the very being of the people-the story could not be forgotten.
:pinching_hand: (closet to what I could get for dramtic flair)

Like I said, it was technically for 9/11 like the kids next door, they were born way after 9/11 so for them they would be in the group which came “later” while I would be in the group, which “remembers it in the fringes of the memory” And Mom, Dad and I and many others who wore born after 1945 who “only know” history because of being told it by others. So technically it could be about any event

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