The Science Museum: this place ROCKS!

I’m here at The Science Museum in London to go to the Amazonia exhibition. More on that later, but I have an hour to kill before I can get into that gallery.

Plenty of time to see other delights in this place, such as this small stone, which is why I gave this thread the above title…

Moon Rock!

Tim Peake Woz Ere

This is a life size replica of the lunar lander.

Photographs and video footage of it on the moon don’t give you a feel for the sheer size of it, so here’s another photo where hopefully you can get a better idea of just how big it is

Extremely early computer:

Let’s not forget the first “computer” programmer was a woman: Ada Lovelace

Care to guess what this is?

I’ve heard of wall-to-wall carpets, but this?

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The V2 missile rained destruction on Britain during WW2

Yet from this, the space race could happen, as repurposed V2s became the first space rockets, and only a couple of decades later, we got to the moon.

Or at least in the case of Apollo 10, around it

Yes, that is the actual command module of Apollo 10

Train enthusiasts (and I’m pretty sure @weatherby2378 is one) will appreciate this. Whilst it’s not the first steam locomotive…

…Puffing Billy is the oldest surviving locomotive in the world.


… I could never see the point.

Well, this is what I’m here to see…

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And this is who I’m here to hear!

In the gallery.

Out of respect for the photography copyright ownership, I won’t take any more photos in here. I just wanted to give you a feel for how emmersive this is.

On its own, the soundtrack Amazonia is rather uninteresting (my thoughts when I listened to it on my album at home).

But here, when accompanied by the crystal clear and incredible photography of Sebastião Salgado,
the whole sound and images just come alive!

It’s here in London until March 2022 before it moves to elsewhere in the World.


Oh, I like trains. But I’m way more fascinated by Soyuz and Apollo here.
Btw: I visited Peenemünde, where the V2 was developed, a few years ago.

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