The new setup is awful

Why are we getting taken straight to the comments for stories? All that it is doing is making us wast time by going through useless navigation steps.

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And the color of the section headers went away, AGAIN, and now there are huge awkward Facebook and Disqus buttons at the bottom of each story.

Ahh, changed to a different category than Right, I see what you mean about straight to the comments. This is definitely NOT an improvement; I don’t care about the comments for half of these stories, I just want to scroll with minimal interaction.

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Actually, now it’s impossible to navigate to any non-Right category – if you try to do that, by clicking on a category or typing in the URL manually, you are taken to a post the title of which begins with the category’s name (e.g. if you go to Working → “Working a Double”, Legal → “‘Legal’ doesn’t mean not creepy”, Learning → “Learning a whaole new word”, etc.)

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Looks like in the last couple of minutes that has been fixed. I’ve checked on my PC at work and on my android phone, and in both cases the categories are taking you to the latest one.

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It looks like it has now been fixed.

If you click on the title of a story, it will take you to the top of the page for that story, not the top of the comments section. I also checked by clicking the comments icon at the bottom of the story, and that too takes you to the top of the page.

Also fixed are the category buttons - they no longer take you to a seemingly random story, but to the latest story in that category.

We had some updates with our web host last night that caused these issues to come up. It should have been resolved shortly after. If you’re still seeing this, you may need to close and re-open your browser.

Will be closing this thread now. Let’s avoid making this category the drop box for website technical issues and/or feedback. Best place is the contact form here.