The need for hazard pay

For starters I work in a nursing home. This happened a few weeks back and resulted in some amusing conversations afterwards. I was working with a resident when a coworker asked for help getting another to sit down before they fell down. The resident swung at me and hit me in the face. I went to my eye doctor after work and they asked what happened. I had to admit I got hit in the face by a resident. I also told them that I failed to duck.


Hope your eye’s alright now. Is there at least COVID hazard pay where you are?


It is. I barely bruised thankfully since I iced as soon as I could. Sadly, no we don’t get COVID hazard pay.


Was there any fallout with the resident?

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If that had been a second hit, resident could face possible movement from that home to another one.

There was no fallout with the resident. Someone else was called to get him to sit down.

True. There wasn’t a second hit.