The NAR vs NAW debate rages on!

Hey, friends. Me again! We’ve got a story here that could definitely swing either way. We’ll probably try out our handy new “Nobody’s Right” tag on this one (thanks again for helping us come up with that one!), but we still need to figure out where to put it!

Corporate’s Solution To Pickup Picking Up

Retail, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I work grocery pickup. Recently, corporate has reduced the hours that we have to shop orders. We had four hours, then three, and now two. In addition, corporate will automatically send a text telling people to come to pick up their order an hour before their pickup time whether or not we have finished shopping their order. For context, we need to shop the entire hour before we can send it in to billing.

A customer arrives half an hour before their pickup time.

Customer: “Hello, I’m here to pick up my order.”

Me: “And what’s the name on the order?”

Customer: “It’s [Customer].”

Me: “Sadly, the order is not ready yet, and will not be until [time].”

Customer: “What do you mean? I got a text saying it’s ready.”

Me: “Corporate will send out those texts an hour before pickup time as a reminder. They send them regardless of the progress on the order. We’re waiting for the deli for your order at the moment.”

Customer: “But I didn’t order any deli. Why do I have to wait?”

Me: “Because we can’t send your order in to billing due to having to send the whole hour in at once.”

Customer: “That’s not very professional, is it?”

Me: “Well, I could bring you out your order, as you didn’t get any deli, but I would not be able to give you a paper receipt. You’d get one through email.”

Customer: “That is unacceptable. My order should be ready when I am ready to pick it up.”

Me: “Sadly, there is only one person in the deli, so they have been behind today.”

Customer: “I want to speak to your manager. I shop here often, and you always mess up my order.”

The customer got a $25 gift card from my spineless manager. She also didn’t want two out of the three substitutions we gave her and complained for half an hour to the manager after I took her order out.

Oh, and it was her first order, so she lied about the shopping often. Gotta love retail.

So, what do y’all think? NAR or NAW?

I think more NAW. The customer is annoyed, but other than misreading their email and arriving early, I don’t think they actually did much wrong.


NAW this is ridiculous.


+1 for NAW; while I do think Customer is also out of the line (“My order should be ready when I am ready to pick it up.” – yeah, it doesn’t work like that) and lied, such entitled leeches are created by corporate’s sending out the texts prematurely and are enabled by the impossibility of the task of actually getting their order ready in the allotted time, which makes them frustrated.


Definitely NAW. If corporate didn’t want to pad their numbers by sending out fake emails about orders being ready this is unlikely to have happened. Chances are very good customer checked his email, saw a title line that said “Your order is ready for pickup!” and didn’t bother reading the email since the pertinent information was right there.


Echoing the crowd here NAW. And honestly depending on what exactly the text message said it might not even merit the “Nobody’s right” tag.

The submission says corporat sends a text “telling people to come pick up their order”. If you get a text saying “come get your order” I dont think its unreasonable to expect the order to be ready when you get there.


NAW. Im struggling to see why this is NAR at all.

Customer was given misinformation and is under no obligation to accept substitutions.

I STRONGLY recommend not using the new tag on this.


I can’t see anything that the customer did wrong. They got a text telling them to pick up their order and then got told that the order wasn’t ready yet when they showed up. OP didn’t exactly do anything wrong either, but this situation is caused by the store, not the customer. And asking to speak to a manager is a perfectly reasonable reaction to this situation.

I don’t think OP calling her a liar at the end of the story is called for. She could easily shop there often without having used the grocery pickup option.

The story is NAW without a drop of NAR.


This is NAW. The customer is a bit grumpy, but well within her rights.

Also, I think there are a couple of wording mistakes in there.

When it says “For context, we need to shop the entire hour before we can send it in to billing.” and “Because we can’t send your order in to billing due to having to send the whole hour in at once.” I believe it should be “the [entire/whole] order” instead of “the [entire/whole] hour”.


I think OP actually did mean “the whole hour” and not “the whole order.” Since they mention that they can’t give the customer their order until they collected dairy things, despite the customer not ordering any dairy.

It sounds like the customers is ready, but OP doesn’t want to / can’t(?) give it to her until they’ve collected all the other orders for the hour. Which I think is one of the main reasons this is NAW.


I find it odd that the OP assumes that “shop here often” means “I order here often”. You can quite easily shop yourself in person often without having ordered there often.

I can understand being annoyed as the customer. I order online and most of the time they get it wrong. If I’m picking up and I get a text saying it’s ready, I expect it to be ready regardless of their backend problems. It’s misleading and the whole point of ordering online is so you have the convenience of getting it at a certain time. Then you go pick up, potentially rearranging your day to do so… it’s a PIA. But that’s not on the employee telling you, and I would be calling for a manager too.

Having said that, OP’s wonderment that the customer isn’t being reasonable is out of line. It may be out of OP’s control but that doesn’t mean the customer should just accept that the store is misleading people by giving them the wrong info - especially as it seems to be an institutional, “we know but don’t care” problem.

Definitely NAW.


Definitely NAW. And like Stephen wrote: I don’t see a reason for the new tag, either.

Edited: I think I was too tired and wrote NAR when I meant NAW.


I have no problem with the new tag, and I’m looking forward for it’s use. But this is definitely not the story to use it on.


This is a clear cut NAW: everything in this story is the result of company policies. I think everyone would be mildly upset because a) you got a text saying your order was ready when it wasn’t and b) for some reason you have to wait until all other orders made that hour have to be finished before they can give you your order.


Everyone else in the comments here seem to agree it’s NAW, but you’re saying NAR ie. the customer is at fault; can you elaborate on why you think so?


Yes, I can. To make it short: Brain fart, too tired, something like that. I meant NAW and will edit the post. Thank you.


Aww, no fair! I hoped there was some angle we’d all missed and you’d noticed.


Slightly derailing the thread, but I think this story would be much better to use the “Nobody’s Right” tag.


Sorry to say, but I’m echoing everyone else here. Customer was a bit of a jerk about it, but they had reasons to be so. If the email going out is just a reminder, say in the email it’s a reminder. From the sound of the story, it seems more like the email just told them to come pick up the order without taking into account the progress of the order at all.

Cutting down shopping time like that is also pretty bad mismanagement. If the order is particularly large (like, say, someone on a decent yet fixed income buying all their groceries for the month at once), two or three hours may not be enough. And if there’s no deli in the order, why does it even need to go through the danged deli?

The worst thing the customer did is call them out on “always messing up [their] order” yet still going to that store, but I’ve been in that boat myself; if there’s nowhere else in their area that will do this, where are they gonna go?

TL;DR: There are some very slight NAR elements to this, but it’s mostly NAW. I’ll second the recommendation to not use the new tag and just stick to labeling it NAW.


Mostly NAW, but really both.

NAW because:

  1. sending out order is ready an hour before the pickup time when the order is not ready.
  2. waiting on deli for an order that contains no deli products.
  3. OP complains customer didn’t want substitutions but no mention of customer approving substitutions, which is probably how…
  4. Store always messes up the order

NAR because:

  • Order should be ready when I am ready to pick it up entitlement