The NAR Trivia Quiz!

What size pants does the demanding lady say she wears who tries to to punish her boyfriend by making him sleep on the couch for disrespecting her?

Zero, though the title is probably more fitting.

If I’m right, please, someone else ask a question :slight_smile:

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Murdocku is right, so someone please post a new question.

Here I go.

Why did OP’s friend have a huge case of the giggles when both were still in school?

Because she heard a joke 10 minutes previously?

Trying to find the story but a girl liked to dress in less than traditionally feminine clothing and other girls thought she was a he with resulting crushes. One day they came to school wearing a long coat with very feminine clothing underneath, causing the ogling teens to freak out when revealed.

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That was the wrong one, Stephen.

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That’s correct. It’s your turn!!

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Now I want to read this story!

I couldn’t find it under the search easily but will try harder now I am not at work.

OP was in the zone at work doing exactly what their coworker needed, but what kind of establishment did they work at?

I found it thanks to TV Tropes:


A bakery.

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Excellent. Your turn!

Which important “component” of a Malibu was (and remained) a Customer convinced was not, in fact, part of it?

She was a real coconut.

Which is, i believe, the answer?

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It is.

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What “extra” does a customer want with a Roland piano?

(I remember that one without having to look it up, but won’t answer, at least for now, to give others a chance :wink:)

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A girl.


Yup! Because apparently slavery is perfectly acceptable in that customer’s home.

@CJR, you’re up!