The NAR Trivia Quiz!

Indeed! Your turn.

When should it be alright to create the happiest copyright infringement on Earth?

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When it’s for a small nursery?


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Why was renting Runaway Bride a bad idea?

because the husband’s wife found out he put his mistress on his account

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Absolutely spot on, @Celoptra…your turn!

Which story on here where the school has a very strange policy where if one person refuses to hand over their phone EVERYONE gets their eletronics consficated and a nice supply teacher has a “Mary Poppins” bag which she had most of the students hide their eletronics in?

(sorry for it being very wordy-but I was trying to get as many details as possible in)

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that’s correct! @grondmaster your turn!

If the father of the kid who got a black eye tells the principal that the girl who hit him taught everyone watching the exact meaning of the phrase ‘Them’s fighting words’, what US state are they in?


Correct! Your turn.

Strict Chinese mean parents who go out of their way preventing their youngest child doing their dream job of becoming a musican including trying to sell OP’s instruments because they believed music is “just a hobby and OP wouldn’t be able to feed themselves or any (future) children” and “it’s not a real job and OP will end up homeless and pregant on the streets”?

Note: I know not all Chinese parents are mean but I’m using it as an adjective I think in this case because these parents are mean.


correct! your turn!

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Noting a client had an unusual surname identical to their own, what did OP learn they had?

A whole new family?

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A stepmother, but sure

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I think that means its your turn. Unless you want to skip?