The Minefield Quiz: Introduction

Welcome to Minefield: the new quiz game!

What does it involve?

Questions, hopefully with more than a few answers that will make you go “Wow!”

I wanted to have a go at doing a quiz over the internet, but the problem is that if everyone can look up the answers, everyone can potentially get full marks. If I made the questions too difficult, no one would be interested in playing. If I relied on the honour system, there is always the potential that someone would look up the answers, which wouldn’t be fair on the others, So I did something a little bit different.

Wait a minute - so can we or can’t we use the internet?

You absolutely can. In fact, I would encourage it, as there are a few questions that you would never be able to answer otherwise. The vast majority of answers can be found with a quick search online; some might require a bit of careful thinking as well.

So what did you do differently?

You notice the name of the quiz? Minefield. Each game consists of ten questions. Two of the questions are mined. If you attempt those questions while the mines are live, regardless of the answer being right or wrong, you will set off the mine and you cannot answer any more questions this game.

But what if I know the answer to all of the questions in the game… how can I defuse the mines?

Well… if you answer all the other 8 questions correctly, you will defuse the mines, and you can attempt to answer them. But, and THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT SO PAY ATTENTION: you must wait for me to tell you that the mines have been defused before you can attempt them. If you do not, then the mines are still live, and they will blow up.

If you do successfully defuse the mines, nothing will set them off that game, not even getting the answer wrong.

So which questions are the mines?

Two questions will be mines, and I have selected them at random.

But how will I know which ones are the mines?

I hope you like guessing…

Okay… but what about the points, and are there any hidden bonuses or joker rounds?

Each question is worth one point. It doesn’t matter if there are multiple parts to a question or a single part, each question is worth one point. There aren’t any hidden bonuses, nor will there be any joker rounds. But what I am offering here are…


For every question you attempt, your multiplier will increase by one. So if you attempt two questions, your multiplier will be x2. If you attempt 6 questions, your multiplier will be x6. At the end of the game, the number of correct answers is multiplied by your multiplier, and that is your score.

So if you attempt 6 questions, but only get 4 right, you will score 6x4 = 24.

However, if you set off a mine, your multiplier drops back to 1.

With 10 questions, there is a potential top score of 100. But if the first question you attempt is a mine, depending whether you get it right or wrong will mean you could score 1 point or 0.

In short, the more questions you attempt, the greater your score could be… but the chances of finding a mine also increases and reducing your score drastically. In short, how brave are you?

So how do we play this?

I’ll give you some sample game play in a bit, but this is a brief rundown.

First, decide which questions you want to submit answers to, and send them to me by private message. You can answer one question at a time, or even submit a bunch of them in any order you like, and I will answer them in the order you give them to me. Please make sure you number your answers.

Brief interjection here about numbering.

I strongly recommend you number your answers A1, A5, A2, etc. This is because of the automatic numbering system. If you use 1. 3. 5. or 4) 9) 1), the numbers get reordered.

And again, and this is also very important so please pay attention: I will NOT be assuming what numbers you meant, nor will I be letting you know if I think you made an error. If your answer is written against Question 5 but was intended to be for Question 3, it will be marked against question 5 and will be marked wrong!

To give everyone a chance, I will not mark your answers until at least one hour has passed since you submitted it. If you notice an error, then you can edit it. But once you see the post has been liked, it means I have started marking it so please, no more edits.

Now, where was I?

I’d just submitted a few answers…

Oh yes, cheers for that. I’ll go through your answers in the order of submission. If, for example, you’ve submitted 5 answers and the second was a mine, your other answers will be ignored. Once I’ve checked them, I’ll let you know how many you got right, and whether you hit a mine.

If you hit a mine, you can’t play any more in this particular game. If you haven’t hit a mine, you will be invited to submit some more answers. At this point, you can stick, in which case your score is locked in, and nothing will change that. If you wish to continue, submit one or more answers, and we’ll carry on until you’ve:

(a) blown yourself up, in which case you lose all multipliers gained throughout this particular game;

(b) locked in your score, in which case your points are multiplied by your locked in multiplier;

(c) answered 8 questions, but not all of them correctly, in which case you have to stop as the mines won’t defuse (but you do have a x8 multiplier which should do wonders for your score!) or;

(d) answered 8 questions correctly without blowing yourself up, in which case I will let you know it is now safe to answer the two mine questions.

There is absolutely no rush on you to get through the answers. You can submit one question at a time, and keep on doing this for as long as you dare, or submit 8 questions in one go and hope for the best.

What you must NOT do is submit 10 questions in one go, because that WILL MAKE THINGS GO BANG! Remember: the mines are only safe after I have told you they are safe. If you attempt to answer them before you are told they are safe THEY WILL EXPLODE.

Before I give you some worked examples, have you any other questions?

What do I do if I spot a mistake in your question?

I have taken every care with the fact checking and wording of all the questions, but it is possible I have made a mistake. It is also possible that what you are looking at is a question that has been carefully worded that way for a reason. So if you spot a mistake, please do not post on the forum about it, but instead send me a private message. If it turns out I am in error, I will let everyone know. If anyone’s gameplay has been impacted by my error, I will do my best to rectify their points by an appropriate amount.

What if you’ve told me I have a question wrong but I’ve not yet blown myself up… can I attempt that incorrect question again?

No, sorry.

How many games are there, and if I start playing, am I committed to all games?

Each game is a stand-alone. I have written 8 games of 10 questions each. I’m anticipating each game to last roughly a week, but that’s only because of how the game is being played and the time lag because of playing across multiple time zones. The total amount of playing time each player will spend in total for each game is probably less than an hour, spread across the week.

You are under no obligation to play every game. I will be keeping a total across all the games though, if anyone is interested. As long as a game is being played, any new player can jump in and join the fun.

If you got blown up in one game, you can still join in future games.

If you’ve missed the first seven games, you’re still welcome to join in for game 8.

If you have to skip multiple games because of Reasons, that’s perfectly fine.

If you start game one but decide to drop out before the game is over because you realise this type of quiz isn’t for you, then that’s also fine, and no hard feelings.

Only one game will be played at a time; the next game won’t be launched until the current game has concluded.

Okay, I think it is time to show you a sample game…

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These are the questions for the sample game:

Q1 What is the first letter of the alphabet?

Q2 What is the second letter of the alphabet?

Q3 What is the third letter of the alphabet?

Q4 What is the fourth letter of the alphabet?

Q5 What is the fifth letter of the alphabet?

Q6 What is the sixth letter of the alphabet?

Q7 What is the seventh letter of the alphabet?

Q8 What is the eighth letter of the alphabet?

Q9 What is the ninth letter of the alphabet?

Q10 What is the tenth letter of the alphabet?

What the players don’t know is that questions 4 and 7 are the mines.

Player 1’s attempt:

A1 A

A2 B

A3 C

A4 D

A5 E

A6 F

A7 G

A8 H

A9 I

A10 J

Player 1 has got all the questions right, but missed the part of the rules that said that they have to wait for me to tell them the mines are defused before they can attempt it. Their fourth answer is the one that set it off, so I can only mark the first 4 questions.

Questions right: 4

Multiplier: 1

Total: 4 x 1 = 4 points

Player 2’s attempt:

  1. A

  2. H

  3. J

Doesn’t that look a bit funny? You’d think they have got the questions correct. Well they had, but unfortunately fell victim of the auto-numbering feature on the forum, and didn’t notice in time to correct it. This is what they actually sent:

  1. A
  1. H
  1. J

So here they have just one right. I let them know that they are still in the game, but caution them that they cannot attempt to answer 2 or 3 again, and the importance of sticking the A in front of the number. This time they send back

A8 H

A10 J

Both correct, they are still in the game. They decide to stick, so…

Questions right: 3.

Questions attempted: 5

Total points: 3x5 = 15.

A reminder: do not rely on me to point out errors, because in this game I am NOT providing that service. It is up to you to check for mistakes. You have at least one hour after submitting your answers to make any edits, be it to correct auto-numbering or to change an answer. Once you see a heart appear on your post, it means I have started marking, so please do not edit after that.

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Player 3’s attempt:

A1 A

A3 C

A6 F

I respond that they got three right, and invite them to submit more if they so wish. They do, and send this:

A2 B

A9 I

A7 G

A10 J

They have struck a mine, so I stop marking on that question. The exploding mine destroys the entire multiplier they’ve accumulated for this game (including those gained from the first set of answers they submitted)

Questions right: 6

Multiplier: 1

Total: 6 x 1 = 6

Player 4’s Attempt:

Their initial attempt is

A1 A

A5 E

I tell them they are still in the game, and invite them to send more if they wish. They do:

A2 B

A9 I

Once more, I tell them they are still in the game, and invite them to send more if they wish. They do:

A3 C

Once more, I tell them they are still in the game, and invite them to send more if they wish. They do:

A10 J

At this point, I should make it clear I have NO problems if anyone wants to just submit a single answer at a time for the entire game.

Once more, I tell them they are still in the game, and invite them to send more if they wish. They do:

A8 H

Once more, I tell them they are still in the game, and invite them to send more if they wish. They do:

A6: F

And as they have now answered 8 non-mine questions correctly, I congratulate them on their luck and bravery, and tell them that they have defused the mines! Even if they were to get the questions wrong for the mines, they will not blow up. They submit their answers:

A4 D

A7 G

Questions right: 10

Multiplier: x10

Total points: 10 x 10 = 100

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I’ll post the first game on Monday.

In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions or make any comments below.


There once was a quiz-maker named Dave,
Who was treated by Stephen as slave,
So Dave thought “Well fine,
Under two questions I’ll mine,
And see who’s arse Stephen saves.”


I’m confused, but I’m in!


This is brilliant! I’m in

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Hopefully it will become clear as you play, but if there’s anything that you’re not sure about, please feel free to ask!

I’ll re-read the rules more carefully later, I’m sure my brain is just too mushy to get it at the moment :slight_smile:

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If anyone wants to try at the game, have a go with this. It’ll be just like the standard game, but with TWO exceptions:

Firstly, i will respond as soon as I can, which may be less than an hour.

Secondly, if you make a mistake, i will let you know, and thus give you a chance to correct it.

Q1 What is the first whole number?
Q2 What is the second whole number?
Q3 What is the third whole number?
Q4 What is the fourth whole number?
Q5 What is the fifth whole number?
Q6 What is the sixth whole number?
Q7 What is the seventh whole number?
Q8 What is the eighth whole number?
Q9 What is the ninth whole number?
Q10 What is the tenth whole number?

Edited to add: just had one set of sample answers, and i realise that what i failed to do was remember the existence of zero and all negative numbers. If i were to rephrase the questions to remove the ambiguity, they would all be about a paragraph in length.

So instead i will just say that there are no tricks here: the first whole number is 1, the second is 2, and so on. This sample game is more about how to play rather than having to think hard about the answers.

If this were to happen in the game, i would now be scrambling to rewrite the questions and make amends with the score. This also highlights to me the dangers of throwing a sample game together on the spur of the moment, rather than writing the quiz over several months, taking care to double check the wording frequently!


Game One results

@RebeccaBlue 16 points (score locked in)
@Celoptra 3 points (discovered active mine)
@CJR 3 points (discovered active mine)
@grondmaster 3 points (discovered active mine)
@Sillsallad 3 points (discovered active mine)
@AthenaCat 1 point (discovered active mine)
@Lola 1 point (discovered active mine)

Game Two Results

@AthenaCat 25 points (locked in score)
@CJR 4 points (discovered active mine)
@Lola 4 points (discovered active mine)
@Celoptra 2 points (discovered active mine)
@Sillsallad 2 points (discovered active mine)
@AlienToasterRepairs 1 point (discovered active mine)
@RebeccaBlue 1 point (discovered active mine)
@Valiant_Potato 0 points (discovered active mine)
@Weatherby2378 0 points (discovered active mine)

Running Total

Each game is a standalone, but in case you’re interested in how you’re doing overall, here is the tally after two games:

@AthenaCat 26 points
@RebeccaBlue 17 points
@CJR 7 points
@Lola 5 points
@Celoptra 5 points
@Sillsallad 5 points
@grondmaster 3 points
@AlienToasterRepairs 1 point
@Valiant_Potato 0 points
@Weatherby2378 0 points

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The goal is to find the mines as quickly as possible, right?


You are doing outstanding work in that field. Outstanding, then leaping several hundred feet into the air…

Game 3 Summary

@AthenaCat 100 points
@RebeccaBlue 100 points
@Celoptra 16 points
@Sillsallad 16 points
@AlienToasterRepairs 1 point
@CJR 1 point


Running Total

Each game is a standalone, but in case you’re interested in how you’re doing overall, here is the tally after three games:

@AthenaCat 126 points
@RebeccaBlue 117 points
@Celoptra 21 points
@Sillsallad 21 points
@CJR 8 points
@Lola 5 points
@grondmaster 3 points
@AlienToasterRepairs 2 points
@Valiant_Potato 0 points
@Weatherby2378 0 points

Game 4 has started, and all are welcome to play!

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