The Minefield Quiz - Game 4

Q1 N is the chemical symbol of which element?

Q2 If you take a correctly solved classic Sudoku puzzle, and turn the top line into a nine digit number, what is the probability that this very big number will be a prime?

Q3 Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry are the first names of which former boy band?

Q4 Ernst Stavro Blofeld is a fictional character in which series of books and films?

Q5 Times New Roman, Helvetica and Courier are all examples of what?

Q6 The inosilicate mineral, with the chemical composition (Mg,Fe2+)2(Mg,Fe2+)5Si8O22(OH)2 and was first discovered in Massachusetts in 1824, is called what? (see footnote)

Q7 How long did King Louis XIX rule over France for?

Q8 Rebecca, the novel by Daphne du Maurier, was made into a film in 1940. Who directed it?

Q9 “Every Good Boy Deserves Food” is a mnemonic used to remember what?

Q10 Each of the following (plus lots more besides) got some extra focus in September 1989. Why? The Democrat and Republican presidential candidates in the 1960 US General Election; the first artificial satellite launched into space; the author of Doctor Zhivago; that famous cinematic chariot race from 1959.

Footnote for Q6: Chemical formula isn’t easy to copy and paste in plain text, and I can’t display the superscripts and subscripts correctly. So the formula in the question is the plain text with no formatting done (suitable for copying and pasting into an internet search engine), and below is an image showing how it should be displayed correctly.

Mineral Formula

Quick summary of rules:

Two of the above questions are secretly mined; I hope you like guessing! Submit as many or as few questions (in any order) as you dare by private message to me. Please number your answers. I will mark the answers in the order you send them to me.

If you answer a question that has a mine, it will blow up, regardless of whether or not your answer is right.

If you don’t set off a mine, you will be invited to submit more answers, or lock in your score. If you answer all the non-mine questions correctly, the mines are defused, and you will be invited to answer the mine questions. These mines will not explode, even if you answer them incorrectly.

WARNING: You must wait for me to tell you the mines are defused before attempting them, or they WILL explode. Seriously, you need to wait. If you submit all your answers in one go, your score is going to be really low.

Scoring: all questions are worth one point each. For every question you attempt, your multiplier will increase by one. E.g. attempt five questions, and your multiplier is five. Your score is the number of questions you get right multiplied by the multiplier. If a mine blows up, your multiplier drops to one.

You only get one attempt at each question. Also, watch out for the automatic numbering system; I strongly recommend you preface your answers with the letter A: e.g. A1, A5, A7 etc. If you realise you’ve got it wrong, edit your message to me. Do not rely on me telling you the numbering is wrong, as I’m not doing that (sorry!). I will always wait at least one hour before marking, so you have a bit of time. Once I’ve “liked” your post, it means I’ve started marking, so please don’t change anything after that point.

A full breakdown of the rules, plus a sample game, may be found here. There is also a trial game for you to go at (if you wish) before you play for real, which may be found here.


Day 1 Summary

I have 3 active players, all looking for safe questions


No one has locked in their score as yet, nor have they blown themselves up.

Still plenty of time for new players to join in!

Day 2 summary

One active player:


Quite a few inactive players, all of whose status can best be summed up thus:


So if anyone who hasn’t yet joined in this game and is feeling brave/reckless (delete as applicable), you might do surprisingly well!

A little ping to the following players of previous games, in case you’re able to join in the current one?


as soon as I’m done with my Cubi (which got interrupted by by case worker I haven’t talken to in months) I will send one in

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Day 3 Summary

Got a new active player, checking for mines

giphy (11)

Yesterday’s active player has joined the others

Still plenty of time for new players to join in. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to lock in a score?

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Day 4 Summary

Same active player as yesterday, carefully looking for mines.


How long before they lock in their score, or end up like the others…?


Still plenty of time for new players to join in!

@Miss_Edith, Hi!

If you click on my name, a pop up will appear, and the option to send private message is on it.

it should be a little envelope icon, right? I’ve clicked on your name, but that isn’t there for me… Or is it something else that I’m missing?

Hi and welcome to the forums and the game :slight_smile:

If this doesn’t work, I’d suggest that @Stephen writes you a private message, which you can answer to.

Maybe PMs aren’t available when you’re new?

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I sent you a test message @Miss_Edith

Day 5 Summary

No active players at the moment

giphy (12)

Yesterday’s player has joined all the other players


As yet, no one has locked in a score; everyone has discovered a mine!

However, it looks like we have at least one new player getting ready to have a go…


…I wonder how they will do?


Day 6 Summary

Quite the flurry of activity in the last 24 hours with quite a few new players!


Although it is all quiet now…


The big question is… how many new players have locked in their score?


Or haven’t?


You’ll have to wait and see!

The game is still open if anyone wishes to join in.

Also, if you are new to the forums and can’t send me a private message, just post a reply below, and I’ll send you a private message you can reply to.


Yay :partying_face:


Results for Game 4

@AlienToasterRepairs 9 points (locked in score)

@CJR 6 points (discovered active mine)

@Kharza 4 points (discovered active mine)

@RebeccaBlue 4 points (discovered active mine)

@AthenaCat 3 points (discovered active mine)

@Celoptra 3 points (discovered active mine)

@Miss_Edith 1 point (discovered active mine)

@Sillsallad 1 point (discovered active mine)

Well done to AlienToasterRepairs!



A1 Nitrogen

A2 0% - each 9 digit number you find will be divisible by 9, because all of the digits in the number, when added together, make a number divisible by 9. A fun fact for you all!

A3 One Direction

A4 James Bond

A5 Typeface (although I did accept font)

A6 Cummingtonite

A7 A bit under 20 minutes

A8 Alfred Hitchcock

A9 The notes on the lines of the treble clef.

A10 John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon, Sputnik, Boris Pasternak and Ben Hur all feature in Billy Joel’s 1989 hit We Didn’t Start the Fire.

Questions 2 and 7 were mined.

Admit it: you laughed at Cummingtonite


I admit it :smiley:

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