The Minefield Quiz: Game 2

Q1 What 1968 film (based on a story by Ian Fleming) had Gert Frobe as the villain, as well as an appearance by Desmond Llewelyn (who provided the lead with the film’s famous car)?

Q2 Who wrote a story to win a bet, the bet being to write a story using no more than 50 words, which became one of the best selling English language stories ever written?

Q3 What do Richard Bachmann, John Beynon and Robert Galbraith all have in common?

Q4 What type of animal was the first creature intentionally sent into space?

Q5 What was found in Ljubljana Marshes in 2002 that is (as of April 2022) the oldest of its kind ever found?

Q6 Who designed the Chupa Chups logo?

Q7 What is the name of the island (that is also known as Hub Island) that was bought by the Sizeland family in the 1950s?

Q8 What was the first webcam set up for?

Q9 What did the Commette family, when they returned from holiday, find had hit their house whilst they were away?

Q10 What do the following have in common: the elf member of the Fellowship of the Ring; the planet you’re standing on right now; the English Actress who advertised BT for many years as the character Beatrice Bellman; the first astronaut to walk on the Moon

Quick summary of rules:

Two of the above questions are secretly mined; I hope you like guessing! Submit as many or as few questions (in any order) as you dare by private message to me. Please number your answers. I will mark the answers in the order you send them to me.

If you answer a question that has a mine, it will blow up, regardless of whether or not your answer is right.

If you don’t set off a mine, you will be invited to submit more answers, or lock in your score. If you answer all the non-mine questions correctly, the mines are defused, and you will be invited to answer the mine questions. These mines will not explode, even if you answer them incorrectly.

WARNING: You must wait for me to tell you the mines are defused before attempting them, or they WILL explode. Seriously, you need to wait. If you submit all your answers in one go, your score is going to be really low.

Scoring: all questions are worth one point each. For every question you attempt, your multiplier will increase by one. E.g. attempt five questions, and your multiplier is five. Your score is the number of questions you get right multiplied by the multiplier. If a mine blows up, your multiplier drops to one.

You only get one attempt at each question. Also, watch out for the automatic numbering system; I strongly recommend you preface your answers with the letter A: e.g. A1, A5, A7 etc. If you realise you’ve got it wrong, edit your message to me. Do not rely on me telling you the numbering is wrong, as I’m not doing that (sorry!). I will always wait at least one hour before marking, so you have a bit of time. Once I’ve “liked” your post, it means I’ve started marking, so please don’t change anything after that point.

A full breakdown of the rules, plus a sample game, may be found here. There is also a trial game for you to go at (if you wish) before you play for real, which may be found here.





Submitted a few very cautiously

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I wonder if the next game will be similar to this…


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That’s not free to play: i charge six squid

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And I have retired to safety with a certain number of questions right (not saying till everyone’s done). Got luckier this time.


I also carefully answered some questions but apparently I didn’t answer them carefully enough…


I have no idea for any of these answers

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Google and Wikipedia are your friends


Welcome to the bbq! :grin::exploding_head:


Room for one more?


Day One Recap

Lots of people came to play

superman-flying (1)

…but there’s no one about now!


This is because everyone’s game has concluded. Either because they have found something they didn’t want…


…or because they decided to lock in their scores.


So no active players at the moment, but there is still time for others to come and play!

@grondmaster and @Lola… you were in the previous game; if you want to, there is still time to join in this one!

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Carefully walking in… Hoping to have a longer journey this time!

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Day 2 Summary

I have one active player who is gingerly testing the ground for mines


Of the inactive players, there are some who pushed it a little too far…


…but there is at least one who knew how to quit whilst they were ahead!


If anyone else wishes to join in Game 2, you are still welcome to do so!

Day 3 Summary

I have one active player checking for mines:


Of those who’s game has concluded, some are because of realising too late where they shouldn’t have checked…


…but there is at least one who knows when to lose their checker!


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Day 4 Summary

Active players:


None. Because everyone has retired to either celebrate their locked in scores:


…or for other reasons:


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The game is still open for new entries!

If I get no new entries by tomorrow, I’ll close this one and post the next game.

I’m sure I will win round 2. :grimacing::yum::bomb::bomb:


Answers for Game 2

A1 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which had Gert Frobe as the villainous Baron Bomburst and Desmond Llewelyn as Mr Coggins, who sold Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to Mr Potts.

Well done to everyone who avoided the trap! I could have been describing Goldfinger (Frobe played Goldfinger, Llewelyn played Q who gave the Aston Martin to Bond, and the film was based on a Fleming book), except that was a 1964 film.

A2 Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel), and the book was Green Eggs and Ham.

A3 They are all pen names of famous authors (Stephen King, John Wyndham and J K Rowling respectively)

A4 The common fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster)

A5 A wooden wheel

A6 Salvador Dali

A7 Just Room Enough Island. It is the smallest inhabited island in the world.

A8 Monitoring a coffee percolator at the University of Cambridge.

A9 A meteorite. Yup, a meteorite had hit a house owned by comet, uh, I mean Commette.

A10 The names all contain body parts: LEGolas, the EARth, Maureen LIPman and Neil ARMstrong

Questions 2 and 6 were mined.

@AthenaCat 25 points (locked in score)
@CJR 4 points (discovered active mine)
@Lola 4 points (discovered active mine)
@Celoptra 2 points (discovered active mine)
@Sillsallad 2 points (discovered active mine)
@AlienToasterRepairs 1 point (discovered active mine)
@RebeccaBlue 1 point (discovered active mine)
@Valiant_Potato 0 points (discovered active mine)
@Weatherby2378 0 points (discovered active mine)

Congratulations AthenaCat… you are the winner!