The Minefield Quiz: Game 1

I prefer this option, because I don’t want to wait a week :melting_face:

Was I one of them? It might sound like a stupid question, but if I was, it was because I definitely missed something.

I’m okay with the rules as they are. Adding more will only make it (even more) confusing. For me, this is just for shits and giggles and I wouldn’t personally be that annoyed with bombing out in the first round. Shit happens, life goes on - it’s only a forum game with nothing to win except a good time. That’s achievable to me, even without winning it all :slight_smile:


No new entries within 24 hours, to me, means lets go blow up some more.

I like the current system and don’t see any need to change it. If someone wants to make an easier quiz game then by all means, please do so. The more games running the better personally. Stephen and I aren’t the official Quizmasters…


Incidentally, this game came about when i was trying to think of another categories game. As it is hard to think up categories that have just the right number of items in it (too few, no one scores; too many, everyone scores top marks), i started pondering getting people to choose to submit a few from a set of questions. From there, it didn’t take long for me to formulate Minefield.

Actually, the question approach to Categories might be a good one to try some time. Get the questions ranging from really easy to really hard, and let people choose (say) three out of ten!

Answers to Game 1

A1 Japan

A2 Four

A3 Cookie Monster

A4 John Ratzenburger

A5 Sudan

A6 Scotland

A7 Clowns

A8 West Side Story

A9 Two

A10 They are the surnames of the classic Queen band members: Deacon, May, Mercury and Taylor (Swift)

Questions 3 and 8 were mined

Final scores:

@RebeccaBlue 16 points (score locked in)
@Celoptra 3 points (discovered active mine)
@CJR 3 points (discovered active mine)
@grondmaster 3 points (discovered active mine)
@Sillsallad 3 points (discovered active mine)
@AthenaCat 1 point (discovered active mine)
@Lola 1 point (discovered active mine)

Congratulations to RebeccaBlue for being our first winner!

I hope you enjoyed this game; I’ll post game two a bit later one today.

I’m hoping the questions are alright for everyone. I’ve tried to get a balance of easy and tricky, and pretty much finding on the internet.

Each game will have at least one question (generally Q10, but there will be a few others) that require solving in parts and then working out the connection by using each part either as a whole or just part of it (often solvable with Google, but sometimes requires a bit of lateral thinking). The purpose of these questions are to mean that the answer isn’t instantly solvable with an internet search.

If you have any feedback, please let me know!


Well done @RebeccaBlue !


Woo! :partying_face:


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