The last time my husband ever set foot in a TGIFRIDAYS

So this happened at least a decade ago. My husband and I went to Friday’s for dinner on a Friday night. Neither of us drink so we had sodas with our meals. We both knew what we wanted to eat (I believe it was one of those deals where you got a meal, dessert and appetizer) so we ordered everything at once. She brought us our meals and drinks but in between the time we ate our main courses and dessert she never stopped to ask if we needed drink refills. (Mine was definitely empty because I drink faster than my husband does). All the while we saw her going to other tables around us and ignoring us. She finally came back to tell me the dessert I had ordered was sold out and that I needed to choose something else. I wasn’t happy but I took it in stride.

Finally we were ready for the check and she didn’t lay it on the table or hand it to my husband like a normal waitress. She threw it on the table as she was rushing by.

My husband and I are good tippers for good service. But needless to say we weren’t happy. I contacted TGIFRIDAYS through their website and we were sent gift cards which my friends and I happily used at a different location.

My husband hasn’t been back to one since. I know that they were busy but the fact that she didn’t stop to ask if we needed anything or if we were happy with our meals when we saw her tending to the other tables multiple times was inexcusable. And the fact that she threw the check folder on the table as she rushed her was just the icing on the cake. If that hadn’t happened I probably wouldn’t have contacted corporate because hey stuff happens.


That was bad service.


That was bad service. I remember the one of two times I went to Red Lobster with my father (one in provincal captial of Ontario, the other in the town next to me let’s call it O). In 2012 Mom not only had been in Asia (Korea for a 100th anniversiry of what’s known as SFS her high school) and then in China. But for most of rest of the summer Mom had to go up to “T” town to help her little sister with their parents (Grandpa was having the beginning of dementia). Well back in those days Mom and I would go to a “family-oriented” theme park on Toronto’s islands. Well the plan kept switching of whom was going to take me (it was before I had a bank card, but even if I had one, I couldn’t go into Toronto on my own)-to the Island. Dad was and then Mom came home on Thursday, and the plan was she was going to take me on Monday but then it went back to Dad taking me. (The one good thing, of Dad taking me is I got to be responsible for the bundle buggy! since Dad’s is basketball player size). Anyway after a day at the Centreville - we got back on the ferry and once we got to Red Lobster (Now at the time, there was only 3 course meal a limited time only and at the time that the TV advertisement was only as recently as Sunday night). When Dad asked about that once we got seated, the server said that the deal was over. I went back to my then-normal (and now-normal when I’m there again) Red Lobster choices (Caesar salad+ Shrimp Trio) now, technically a server is suppose to ask what I wanted for a side (broccoli, fries or rice) for the Shrimp Trio but he (the server) never asked and I got broccoli I had to wave down another server and asked for fries even though Dad didn’t understand why I didn’t want the broccoli. Dad said to Mom latter “it was a terrible service”. I put it down to the fact the server was new. (I guess it was around the time I found NAR so I didn’t feel too bad)