The Editor's Title Conundrum

In the last (nearly) fifteen years of NAR, we’ve published over 90,000 stories! Over 75,000 of those have gone to the main categories (not Unfiltered) and therefore have titles! That’s… a LOT of titles. And as with any repeated creative effort, some of those titles are funnier/more clever than others.

That being said, we’ve gotten a few correction submissions regarding a couple of our similarly-themed titles, and I’d like to clear some things up. The latest submission was in regards to a story called Please Do Not The Employees. The feedback pointed out that this title lacks a verb. And they’re right! Technically, it’s grammatically incorrect.

But I am a person who spends wayyyyyyy too much time on the Internet, and I’ve done so for basically my entire life. (I had my own computer in my room growing up and not a lot of friends or extra-curricular activities, so…) And this title (and other similar ones) is a riff on a couple of memes - specifically, the “I Accidentally” meme and the “Please Do Not The Cat” meme.

Given the fact that the content team is coming up with easily over 100 titles a week, it’s totally possible that we’ll make some that just don’t make sense, or that we’ll make a typo or something. But there’s a pretty good chance that if a title is weird, it’s actually a reference to something else; I only have so many original thoughts, you know?

tl;dr This was on purpose. I’m a shameless meme-er and s***post-enjoyer.

We always value your feedback, and we are humans who do make mistakes, so please continue to let us know if you see something that seems amiss.



At least it’s not the super-long-titles-which-basically-spoil-the-story titles we had for a petite (little)bit

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We do experiment with changing things up every now and then. And obviously, some experiments don’t have great results. As I mentioned, feedback is super important to us, and that case was a prime example. Y’all spoke loud and clear about that particular experiment. :sweat_smile:


Speaking of experiments, any news about this one yet? :wink:

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