The Coventry Art Meander: Cathedral to the Canal

I love it, just did a quick tour now, but will look more closely later. Thanks for sharing!

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Lunch over, I’m now stood with Broadgate and that statue of Lady G a little way behind me, and facing the Lower Precinct.

This area has been redeveloped with shrubbery and water features, and I’ll show you a few as i make my way towards the lower precinct.


A slight detour from the art trail, to show you St John’s Church.

Lady Godiva’s story is one thing Coventry is famous for. Weaving is too, but not that much. However, one thing about Coventry that has entered the English language is the phrase “sent to Coventry”. Why do i bring that up here? Well…

Wow, it’s changed so much! Love the water features. My favourite is the girl sitting in the water with her feet dangling into the pool.



A bit hidden away, but still worth visiting. It wasn’t created for the City of Culture, but to celebrate the 2012 Olympics in London. We, as a nation, did well, and we had local stories too.

The Arena in Coventry was used as a venue for some of the Women’s football matches, the Olympic torches were made by Premier Sheet Metals in Exhall, Coventry, and a local lad, Nick Skelton (of Bedworth, the town just to the north of Cov) won gold in Horse Jumping!

This mural depicts these and other stories too

I’ll try and find out who all the others are, as i dare say they are all from this area too. But if you want to have a go yourself, dear reader, I’m more than happy for you to post here!


Belgrade theatre, and a sculpture dedicated to the first director

More about this art here: memorial for Bryan Bailey - The Coventry Society

Just a short distance away is a mural painted for City of Culture, and i understand he was the theatre’s first black director.


Sadly, i can’t see his name.


Turning around, i can see this, um… interesting bit of art.

Or something someone has passed, in which case i hope they saw a urologist!

Finally, here’s the water feature outside the theatre.

Not convinced the traffic cone adds to the ambience



This one has to be my favourite, although the one i saw for the first time on on Peppers Lane is a close second.

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I was just about to head towards the canal basin when I remembered Pool Meadow bus station has quite the mural.

It also has some toilets, but I’m not photographing those!


One final(?) mural, quite close to the Tokyo-esque one…

…and then it’s on to the Canal Basin!


Rather helpfully, there is the Canal Basin Bridge to get me across the Ring Road to the basin

Just at the foot of the bridge is a plaque speaking of Bishops Gate

Incidentally , the last mural i showed was on the side of the student accommodation block called Bishop Gate.


I think I’m lost. I could have sworn this was Coventry Canal Basin, but it turns out I’m next to the river system The Norfolk Broads!

Ah… they are a group of folk singers, and lovely they do sound!

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Last time i was here i took lots of photos of the art here, so i won’t bore you with those again. However, there is a new art installation here, courtesy of lots of people with coloured chalk!

Looks like Coventry is rediscovering the art of weaving…

Lovely as the basin is, I’m not going to see any fish here, so I’ll start wandering up the canal. Hopefully I’ll see some before i get to bridge 3, as that’s as far as I’m going today… my legs are killing me now!

One final shot of the basin:

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Sadly, the water is too murky today, so i doubt I’ll see any fish.

Still, it is a pleasant day for a stroll

…and I’m pretty sure there’s another mural up here!

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There it is!

Some of it has faded, but what remains is still pretty decent



Some lily pads should provide shelter for fish…

…but if there are any there, the lily pads are extremely effective!

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Saw a couple of gentlemen fishing. Apparently it’s not a good day today; they’ve caught nothing, although the gentleman who kindly allowed me to photograph him said he caught a 1kg pike here last week!

So although this is the wrong time, it has at least been the right plaice…

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Rather appropriate three words, as that’s where my meandering will end.

I’ll put some Strava statistics up in a bit. I hope you all enjoyed the walk. Thank you @CJR for suggesting it; sorry about the lack of fish. @darklys, glad you liked the statue pics!

All being well, Wednesbury Old Canal this monday!

Back home, and the phone is now charging. Checked the Strava data, and it tells me…

…that it doesn’t do well in built up areas. If we zoom right in, we can see that it was alright to begin with; i started it at the place i took the second photo of post 4. Then as soon as i entered the old cathedral, it went a bit mad…

…and then did nothing until i reached the canal basin! Ah, well…