The Coventry Art Meander: Cathedral to the Canal

In a little while, I’ll be heading to Coventry to do a walk as suggested by @CJR. I’m also going to see if i can get some photos of a statue, as requested by @darklys. On thus walk, I’m going to try and photograph as much art as possible.

If i can, I’ll post credits there and then, but i might not be able to. What i will do though is post the 3 words that give the location of the art to within three metres in the What Three Words website.

I’ll try and update the missing info at a later date, but if you wish to find out the info for me, that would be brilliant!

I’ve also got to try and see if i can photograph fish in the canal (CJR’s scavenger hunt request). If any of you have a suggestion or several of random things i might see (you don’t even have to know they are there), then pop them in the comments and I’ll photograph them if i see them!


But for now, i need to quickly head into Nuneaton; so it will probably be about midday i start.


Heading back to Coventry now. But i had to share this delightful fountain that has graced this roundabout in Nuneaton for many years.

The Roanne Fountain, also known as the Dandelion fountain. There was talk about it being removed, but its future has now been assured.



Just walking towards the ruins, and took the opportunity to photograph two of the three spires that dominate the city’s landscape.

On the left is the Holy Trinity Church. To the right is the taller spire of the old cathedral.


The old and the new cathedrals

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Now inside the ruins.

There are statues in here that show the loss and the shared grief and reconciliation of World War 2

There is also a statue that predates WW2

The Sanctuary, with an altar built from the remains, after that terrible night of the Blitz that destroyed much of Coventry, including the cathedral.

The Litany of Reconciliation that the sign speaks of.

Next to the old, the new. I won’t be going inside (free entry for services, but visitors pay and today is all about free art), but if you go inside, you will see the world’s largest tapestry. Coventry had quite the fabric and weaving industry, but I’m not sure if this was woven here.


On the side of the new cathedral, St Michael’s Cathedral, is a statue of St Michael standing over the devil.

Turning to face away from the cathedral, here’s a panoramic view showing the university (my alma mater) and the Herbert Art Gallery, where last year’s Turner Prize was held.

As i alluded to in the previous post, Coventry was largely destroyed over a few days by bombing during WW2. The phoenix is a symbol that many places use, including Coventry University.


Coventry Boy Statue

Time to move on, as I’m pretty sure i can see something of interest to @darklys


Here you go, @darklys!

For more information about Enfolded, by Jean Parker, visit this web page:

Thank you darklys, for pointing me towards this sculpture by your auntie!



This one caught me by surprise… someone has painted Pepper Lane!

Really painted it!

I’ve seen many murals pop up over the past couple of years, but I’d not seen that one.

I’m planning on walking past a few, BTW



As well as the phoenix, there is another figure that Coventry is obsessed over:

Lady Godiva

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Quite a bit away from Lady G is Peeping Tom. Not seen this particular, if you’ll excuse the irony, bust.

This is at the entry to an undercover area that looks really colourful now!



Not official City of Culture art, but art nonetheless!


The third of the city’s spires is this one, Christchurch Spire. Central hall, the methodist church it used to be attached to, has been replaced with a swimming pool and health centre, and the spire is now a bar.

Just in front of the spire you can see a water feature that kids love…

…for some reason!


There has been a number of pop-up art places. Some of them have been placed in the windows of empty shops, but there are a few galleries, like this one:

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Love it!


Inside Coventry Market, is an installation art piece of loads of umbrellas.

…no sign though, of Rihanna


There used to be an office block here. That was removed and the whole place is a lot less shady@

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One of Waterstone’s windows has been taken over by art!

Is that the time?


Oh, thanks so much @Stephen That’s wonderful! I haven’t seen it in so many years, not since it was vandalized and repaired. They even replaced the plaque with Auntie Jean’s name on after it was stolen. That’s such a big deal for me, having her credited for the work properly again. May I download your photos? Just for me, of course.



Share them with your family too, if you wish

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