The "baked potato incident"

I thought this story took place in 2007 but if I think about it it probably took place in 2006-since it was pre-mom having any plates put into her body. This involves both my sister and our father.

Background information:
Due to my special needs growing up my parents kind of had enough of having to deal with my tempers. So basically in my opinion they “gave up on me” until they started to actually “parent” me as an adult. So basically for most of my life the only person who actually “parent” me is my older sister. So if I’m having one of my tempers she will sent me to the stairs for a “time out” so to speak.

So as Mom is so quick to point out every time I point that out to her that I have hated my sister for that (there’s only us two children in the family). I mean there’s been some happy memories with he .but that’s not the point of this story

Main story
IN 2006 I was going to do my first stint at being an usher for the church’s play. Now on Tuesday of the night before the story take place Mom told my Dad and my sister when all four of us were at the dinning table that 1)she had a meeting the next night 2)she expected me to have eaten by the time she got home because of 3)she and I were going to be picked up by a quarter to 6.

Now I’m playing in the family room waiting for supper. I hear noises in the kitchen and I notice the oven is on and Sis’s is grooming her only dog. Somehow its mentioned that sis had “put in baked potatoes” into the oven. I didn’t cook at that time but I knew even then that baked potatoes took an hour to bake I tried to tell Dad that I needed to eat before Mom got home and neither of them would listen. So the more I tried to tell them that I needed to eat before Mom got home the more frustrated I got.

To the point that my sister had enough of my “frustration” that she sent me to the stairs to do a “time out” which is where Mom found me and she wasn’t happy to found out I hadn’t eaten yet. When she asked my sister how much longer it would be my sister said “A few mins do you want some she (meaning me) wouldn’t get any” Mom had to tell her that we didn’t have time and I had to quickly make a cheese sandwich and eat it quickly.

The only good thing which came out of this is the fact Dad apologised for his behaviour in this case. My sister never has.

I don’t know do people think my sister was jacktail for those final words like the husband in this story from yesterday?

You might want to add a link to that story. Pretty sure I know which one you mean, but if someone were to look at this in a few days time they might have no idea.

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I edited it and added the link

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