Terms and privacy policy, and readers in Europe

I just signed up and I noticed some issues.

European (EEA) resident citizens: did you know that you’re not allowed to read NAR? Not at all? The Terms for the entire web site were altered “Effective as of May 25, 2018” - and later - “you represent and warrant that you are not a citizen of any EEA nation who is located in the EEA.” I think we weren’t told about that change, I would remember that, but that doesn’t matter apparently. In fact, I suspect it does.

It appears that the Editors are unaware of it too, since stories from Europe are proudly continuing to appear on NAR.

I’m in the United Kingdom, so I was illegally in the EEA from 2018 until January 2020, but now I am not.

Blocking site users with an EEA address hadn’t happened, but perhaps it will now. Sorry… but you won’t be here to read this, will you.

I’ve reported that the sign up link to “Privacy” is wrong, but I assume that the front page Privacy policy stands. Readers in the EEA will be interested that this includes respecting the European GDPR personal data rights of users, despite being not allowed to use the web site. Also, my interpretation of the document is that NAR grants the GDPR privacy rights to all users worldwide. But I may be misreading the document.

That may be about to change, too, as another secret surprise.

I believe this therefore counts as a Forum (and Site) Suggestion. However, there seems to be no actual reason for EEA readers and contributors to be excluded from the web site, if users are being treated with respect, and some disadvantage to NAR itself. So may I suggest instead, please let Europeans in to the site (officially) again? Thank you.

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Thanks for pointing these out. They’re not quite what we intended for this category, so I will be closing the thread. These type of issues are best reported via the contact form, which you’ve done as well. :+1:

But I did go ahead and look into both items. For the incorrect URL, I was informed by a team member that we have the correct one in settings so he’ll need to figure out why the signup box is displaying an old URL. You can still access the privacy page through the about section, or the footer menu.

I’ve also asked the team about removing the EEA line. There is a clause at the bottom regarding changes. Ultimately if there are concerns, you would have to make the right choice for yourself. I’m not legal but I can assure you there is no nefarious intent behind the terms here.

Feel free to write in if you have further concerns related to this!