Tell us something about yourself

I’ll start. I’m a published author - that’s not just a handle. I work as a marketing specialist and I’m in my final year of my 40s. I’m US based and married and I’ve been on NAR for a few years. I love these new forums.


I’m a part-qualified management accountant and fell into my career in finance almost by accident, even though maths has never been my strong suit. I always thought I’d be better working with people - people are so interesting. These forums, the stories and the comments are endlessly fascinating. But I can only handle in person encounters in short bursts before my energy depletes, whereas I can (and do) spreadsheet recreationally!

And, just to start a pattern, I’m at the start of my 40’s, UK-based, and married.


I’m a design engineer, working for a tooling company that makes bespoke specialised machines for the civil engineering sector.

Away from work, I am teaching myself piano. Currently working on Stairway to Heaven (but struggling with the solo bit)

I have a love of comedy, especially the comedies and panel shows on BBC Radio 4.


I’m an editor, in case that wasn’t obvious. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a month shy of 30 and I live on the west coast of the USA with my partner, a border collie, and a very fat tabby cat.


I bet being an editor for NAR is fun. Are you hiring?


Hi folks! Early 40s, married with teenagers, northern Australia. Full time carer, part time genealogical researcher.
I harly ever comment these days, but I read everything!


I’m from the Southeastern US, late 20s and majored in Industrial Design, though I’ve been having trouble with that so I’ve worked a random assortment of jobs. I also have a lot of hobbies and like learning stuff, so usually I have all sorts of trivia for things people don’t care about XP

I like stories and comics and junk, and write and draw in my free time.

lol I’ve also traveled a lot because I like exploring and have had a few opportunities, but it’s weird bringing it up because it always feels like I’m bragging when I’m just excited or relating an experience that just so happened to occur in a far off place.


Hi the main NAR archivist here. Who talks way too much of her home life. And also I’m “incorrect” in assuming 69 can be read as “96” and vice versa. And “I jump to conclusions” about characters in NAR stories being BIPOC. Despite reading a lot of the BIPOC experience.


Huh, I’ve never really thought of how I’m definitely a bit younger than the “general audience” of NAR… Anyways, I’m 19 and studying public health and stats out of state. I’m not currently employed since I’m literally just about to move (again) to start this new school year but I did just wrap up an internship with a local nonprofit health care center last week!


Yay introduction thread! Does it sort of feel strange carrying on with formal introductions to a pack of folks that you already make idle conversation with on a semi-regular basis?

For my part…
I’m a lifelong geek in his mid-30s. Married, two kids – the eldest is just starting kindergarten.
Professionally, I write software and manage servers. I’ve developed for medical devices, telecommunications platforms, and financial management systems.
When I’m not being paid to do stuff, I do a fair bit of gaming and reading – though currently I despair that I may never enjoy an author’s work more than I did Sir Pterry’s Discworld.
Whenever I’m involved in a “Two truths and a lie” icebreaker, I can basically lie about whatever I want; I’m trained in classical piano and figure skating, and no one ever guesses those.


I am Raven.

I’m a published author, I blog and I run a Street Library. I have Asperger’s Syndrome.

I use the name Raven on the forum, because I don’t want people from those other parts of my life contacting me through Not Always Right . I like to keep it separate. Anyway, it means I can say things here that might not go down so well in my other life. Not that I’m racist or misogynistic or anything discriminatory. I’m just very, very cynical about Life.

I will read almost anything, but it must be well written. I start lots of books but if they don’t catch my interest by the end of the first chapter, I abandon them, as they are sure not to later.

My preference is for non-fiction: psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, most things to do with people and the way they think and act. Thus the attraction of the stories on Not Always Right ! I read psychology, anthropology and philosophy at university, so my interest is at least partly professional. I don’t like biographies as I’m not interested in people telling me how great they are.

Even in fiction, I like the psychologically-oriented stuff, such as crime stories. I particularly like British crime/police stories because many of the characters, especially the investigators, are very complicated and deep. Even when I’m reading for entertainment I can’t get away from my interest in psychology and people!

I was born in the UK of English and Welsh ancestry, and now live in Canberra, Australia.
I live alone, apart from my black cat named Dog who keeps me company.
I am 76 years old, and sometimes I really feel my age.


I’m a mid-30s, Scottish, (happily) divorced, disabled woman. I now wfh taking calls from students dealing work their finances but before I got ill I was a dog trainer.

I love reading, writing, and have been a lifelong geek. I’m currently dogless, having lost both my mini schnauzers to cancer earlier this year (This story about them always makes me smile ), but I’m hoping to get another soon.


Hi, I’m a microbiologist in my mid twenties trying to finish my PhD, I can’t wait to finish the thing and get out of the darkness of the microscopy room. I’m originally from the UK and I love to read books, mostly history or fantasy stuff. I used to have a cat and I can’t wait to get another but until then I borrow my collegues’ cats and chase after random cats I see in the street.


I’m Erik, an IT consultant though looking for a career switch as we speak, 40 years old and Netherlands-based. Also, when I have the time and chance, I try to pun-reply to my great example @Stephen on Disqus



I’m Sillsallad, a vagabond and live-aboard, who lives with her boyfriend (awesome) and kitten (also awesome) on a sailing yacht. Pre-corona we worked with tourists, who came to live and sail with us. Now there’s a lot of down time, so I’m reading NAW and I’ve started studying.

We’ve been on Madeira for a year now, otherwise we usually spend our summers in the Med. and the winters on the Canary Islands :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic of the boat’s cat’tain, because…who doesn’t enjoy a cat pic


Hey :relaxed: Mid-20s here and living in East Midlands, UK. Love gaming and 3D printing weird crap, oh yeah! Jigsaw puzzles too.

Was unfortunately diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the start of the year, gone through radio and chemotherapy. Just trying to keep everyone around me as positive as possible, don’t know exactly how long I have left but no point in spending it all negative and down.

Because of the diagnosis, I can’t drive or work anymore (at least right now anyway, even though I want to get back into work), so been trying to fundraise for cancer charities and me and my sister are gonna be abseiling down the Orbit (red structure at London’s Olympic Park) next month :grin:!

I’ll join in on the cat tax!


I am a published author of the adult nature. Not using my pen name here for reasons. Mid 40’s, long history in retail, live in the u.s.


I run around online as Keiko which does share 3 letters with my actual name. I work with geriatrics and they’re awesome. I work full time, have a PRN job, and have gone back to school. I’m halfway through that my courses. I’m in my early 30s and am still mistaken for a teenager. I have taken to listening to books because there is nothing good on the radio at 6 AM. I currently live in a swampy area of the United States.


I guess I’ve put off this long enough. Put off because I suck at these types of things. so here goes nothing.

Hello. I live in Kentucky with my husband, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and currently 1 ferret(we lost his brother a little while ago). There are currently other people in the house as well, but they are all supposed to be trying to move out, they aren’t having much luck at the moment though. It probably won’t happen to till at least next summer at this point.


Yo. I’m Iñaki, ~30 years old, from Germany. I’m a doctor currently working in psychiatry and psychotherapy. I like listening to people. I usually work too much and am tired all the time. I have neither kids nor pets (yet).