Teaching relationships across generations

(This happened in Mumbai, India, three years or so back. I submitted it to the NAHopeless section but it didn’t get published. So, here it is.)

My grandmother retired as a kindergarten teacher back in the early 1980s – just before I was born. Now 94, I was accompanying her to the neighbourhood GP doctor for a general check-up/visit. The doctor is also a family friend, thus the visit is more ‘friendly’ than ‘medical’ and without an appointment, hence he typically lets her sit in the waiting room until he’s free enough to have a long chat with her, while also checking her medical issues out.

This time around, there were quite a few people in the waiting room, so Grandma was just chilling, reading a magazine she’d brought along. A gentleman, probably in his mid-50s, kept staring at her. He finally mustered the courage to ask her if she was [Grandma’s Name]. He was quite happy when she concurred – she’d been his schoolteacher, he told his wife sitting next to him. Grandma explained that she would have taught him in kindergarten – so everyone is pretty surprised at the recollection – it would have been nearly 45 years, if not more, for the gent to have been in her class. Upon hearing his name, Grandma shocks everyone by recollecting his childhood nickname, one that he himself had forgotten!

A second gentleman walks into the clinic, and the first immediately points Grandma out to him – they were classmates so he too would have been in her class. He’s leaving the doctor’s cabin as Grandma is called in, so he happily points out to the doctor that she was his teacher. Even the doctor is surprised at the happy reunions.

Later, when we leave, a third gentleman, younger than the previous two, enters the clinic. He sees Grandma and immediately bends down to touch her feet. (Touching an elder’s feet is considered a mark of respect in Indian culture, a method of asking for and receiving their blessings.) On enquiry, he reveals that he was her student in the early 1980’s – probably from the last batch she taught before retiring.

The school where Grandma taught, our old neighbourhood, and the doctor’s clinic are all in the same block, so whenever she’s visiting the doctor or any of our old friends and neighbours, we usually bump into a few of her kindergarten students on the road. All of them – many of them now grandparents themselves – walk up to her and spend a few minutes chatting with her.

I always marvel at such student-teacher relationships. Relationships that began at the beginning of the students’ childhood, still as impactful decades later. Relationships that transcend generations. Relationships that are still in force even after your kids have grown up, and their kids are in the same classroom where you were once. It’s heartening, giving me hope for the future.


not teaching. But I still live with my parents in the same town I grew up in. Let’s just saying walking around town… I sometimes get the “Harry Potter” treatment. Since people will know me and except for a few people in town- I have no clue whom they are. I even had it happen up at a McDonald’s location near a mall which I don’t consider to be a “real” American Mall (an real mall has a food court, this one doesn’t the only restaurants are mostly outside like the McDonalds or on the very edges of the mall). When I was getting extras stuff (McFlurry and a hot drink) before meeting with a case worker in the upper part of the mall.

This story has actually been published! It can sometimes take a while to work through the queue but this is a beautiful story and we would never have let this one slip through the cracks!

Um… I don’t think that’s the one. I’ve had only one story published yet (This Train Will Be Terminating At Your Hearts) which was submitted anonymously but can prove it’s mine and submitted this one through the same form, nearly 2-3 years ago. I’ve been going through the site assiduously for nearly a decade now and nothing close to this story has come up yet…

Finally, this story got published!

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Just wanted to let you know this story was published because I found it on this thread. Thanks for posting it! :slight_smile: