Tea: Favorite Brands? Flavors?

So seeing @Stephen post his submission about tea in another thread got me thinking.

I tend to prefer flavored black teas, particularly if it has cinnamon (cinnamon + vanilla = happy me). I won’t turn down Breakfast tea, though (Barry’s Gold is my go-to at the grocery store).

Here in Australia (and outlets in the UK & US) we have a chain called T2. They have a tasting bar available, and do take-aways of anything you’d like. My heart belongs to the Canberra Breakfast, which is an ANZAC biscuit: black tea, cinnamon, oats, coconut, and rose petals.

I introduced a local café owner to a London Fog: strong Earl Grey with vanilla and a dash of lavender, with steamed milk. She (and two employees) adored it.

Despite living in Sydney, I’m still a Southern girl: I absolutely love a sweet iced tea with a slice of lemon or orange.

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Twinings of London, Lady Grey. If used right (requires more than one bag), it makes a heck of an unsweetened ice tea.

Hot tea, Bigelow Constant Comment. Nice and relaxing, I drink it sometimes when I can’t sleep.

I love a nice söderblanding, which is a black tea with exotic fruits, usually stock up on that when I’m in Sweden.

Generally I prefer black tea with some kind of fruity touch to it. I usually use loose tea, not tea bags, so that leaves some room for experimenting. Got a lovely tea pot for my birthday a few years ago :heart_eyes:

Constant Comment is great iced too.

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Just breakfast tea all day. Supermarket “Fairtrade™” version. I switched to soya “milk” thinking that the cow sort might be disagreeing with me and not really much fun for cows.

I’m loving oat milk recently!

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I prefer English breakfast. and now I think I will go and see if I have any.

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I love spicy chai tea with oat milk (it reminds me of oatmeal cookies)

I love matcha tea, I would grab a matcha tea to go at Starbucks a lot of it keeps me more awake than other teas.

Cream of earl grey

Peach and ginger tea.

Coconut oolang which makes a great latte.

I just have something like PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea; nothing fancy.

However, when I was a teen, I was rather partial to Twinings Orange Pekoe. I tried their Earl Grey; not a fan.

Not keen on green tea either, as it tasted how I imagined boiling water on twigs would taste.

There is a herbal tea I like, that I first discovered in Germany. I ordered it, not knowing what it was. I found it needed sugar, which I later learned is considered a form of sacrilege by some. I do have it from time to time still, but with sweetener instead: chamomile tea.

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I saw something on r/tea yesterday - chai with pumpkin spice oatmilk. Which you can apparently get at Trader Joe’s.

Most Germans drink it with honey!

That unlocked a memory: I was on holiday with my husband. We were in our hotel lobby in Munich (wi-fi sucked in our room). The front desk person was speaking English on the phone, asking if the person wanted milk and sugar with their tea (room service order).

She was very lost, until I asked - they wanted b’fast tea. I told her milk & sugar for black tea; honey for green.

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When I was making iced tea in the summer, a few years ago, I used chai tea for it and really enjoyed that.

Green tea - genmai cha, which is the standard Japanese green tea, with large leaves and popped millet (like tiny bits of popcorn) to mellow the flavour (like chicory for coffee, I suppose)

Hot black tea - my absolute favorite is vanilla Earl Grey (black), but I haven’t been able to find it for ages. So I’ll drink black chai tea or double chai tea, although I have to admit that for a couple of years now, I have been a coffee drinker. It all started when I bought my husband a moka pot to make espresso…

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Black tea - a really good Assam, Earl Grey, Constant Comment

Green tea - genmai cha, jasmine