Tales from the Comments

In addition to all the puns and memes, the comment section has some excellent anecdotes.

As these can be easily missed, why not post a link to the comment here?

To get the direct link on a PC just click on the word “Share” and it will copy the URL.

For Android devices, tap and hold on the bit under the commentator’s name (it will say something like “1 day ago” or “3 years ago”), and a pop up dialogue box will open up; select the option to copy link address.

Other devices? Not sure - hopefully someone can enlighten us!

Anyway, to start the ball rolling, here’s Grace Wilson explaining how she got the draconian toilet break rules revoked:


Nightshade1972 shared an excellent anecdote. Warning: it will make you angry with management…


This case from Mr Hunt actually made me chuckle out loud.


I wondered why you gave him a slightly different name, but i now realise he was a cunning linguist


Chemical and arglebargle both have excellent anecdotes in this story. Link is to Chemical’s tale; arglebargle’s anecdote is a reply to the linked post.

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KatDuck has an anecdote that will make you feel their frustration:

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Gayle monger’s dad had an interesting way of getting attention…

Lord Circe overheard a fun conversation

The story will make you angry. But in the comments Ryan Miller posted a similar story that happened to his cousin that managed to get the insane policy changed at his school

I’ll be nominating this story for Surprising Story Reactions. In the comment section Kara Shafer (linked below) and Lil Tiger (responding to Kara’s comment) both share some awful experiences with bullying teachers.

If you were ever humiliated or bullied by teachers at school, you may find the comments triggering.

After the anger inducement of the above link, may I please offer the perfect practical joke involving identical twins, as told by Bruceski?

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