Taking a break for now

Hello. After reading Forum messages for months, I finally signed up in order to create this post. I’ll be taking a break from posting for now and would like to explain why (and perhaps flatter myself that folks will be interested).
The stories on the main site are entertaining, funny, outrageous, provocative, outrageous, touching, interesting, and an entire host of additional descriptions I can’t come up with right now.
The commenters are knowledgeable, smart, thoughtful, original and interesting. I really enjoy my interaction with most of you, and your kind words re: some of my silly posts are greatly appreciated.
I’m not much of an internet “chatter” and when I was called an “SJW” a while back I needed to look up that acronym. I didn’t respond to it at the time, but now I will by saying “(somewhat) Guilty as Charged”. That’s who I am - while on the one hand I’m perfectly capable of a snide remark or mocking rhyme, on the other hand I really, really don’t want to be somebody who hurts someone. “Now you wake up? What kind of site did you think this was?” are perfectly legitimate questions which I don’t have good answers to. I have edited and even deleted some posts that I had second thoughts about, but there are many more that perhaps I shouldn’t have posted.
I may be back - at this point I honestly don’t know.
I’ll probably lurk, at least for a while.
Several of you have posted stories or comments which detailed personal difficulties of all types - physical, mental, financial, with friends and relatives and so on. I find can sympathize and empathize with many of them, either from personal experiences or from experience of those close to me. Life can be very difficult sometimes and hopefully the (usually) lighthearted comments provide some amusement and give a boost in spirits to those who could use one.
I wish all of you all the best.


Hi Sal. This isn’t an airport, no need to announce your departure. That being said, enjoy your flight!



Hi, Sal! You and your rhymes will be missed. I hope you’re comfortable coming back some day, but either way, enjoy yourself online and off.


Do what you need to do to clear your head, and come back when you’re ready. We’ll miss you!


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