Surprising Story Receptions

The OP (Grey) has posted in the comment section that they weren’t in employment at the time.

It’s also worth noting that the biggest voice suggesting the OP is lying is regarded as a troll.


In general, maybe it would be a good idea to have a rule that there must be multiple people commenting on the story before it’s considered surprising? If one person is calling it fake or quibbling about details, that’s one thing; we always have one of those. If it’s multiple people, including people who usually don’t nitpick or call stories fake, then that’s less expected. Similarly, one person calling the OP unlikeable is pretty natural, but if there’s a strong bloc of people commenting on it, then that’s surprising.


the troll isn’t the only one saying (Despite OP being in the comments) that “Op invented a lie to explain why they didn’t show up to the Computer Loan place to reneweal their leased computer”.

There’s a 2nd person saying it as well

This has come up before, though, with stories being posted due to only one person.

Maybe a good benchmark would be three or more commenters, with at least one being a regular commenter who isn’t known as a troll?


To get back on topic, this older story has commenters divided due to the professionalism (or otherwise) of the OP’s speech, as well as how easily the villain was apparently able to enter not only the premises but the files…


This story is tagged as “Stupid”, but given the actions of the OP, “Bullying” and “Jerk” would be far better. The OP is rightly called out for it in nearly every comment (at least in the comments that aren’t discussing the survivability of defenestration)


That could be a good rule of thumb - one person being surprised isn’t as interesting as the reactions of multiple people.

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I read it and was annoyed by “Just say half, most people can do that. They just panic when they hear the % sign.”

But when I tried to look at the comments WOW you weren’t kidding about the defenstration conversation lol
I gave up after three loads to attempt to get other comments.

I’d say it’s doubly surprising because while critiquing OP is standard, I think that might be the top 5 derailed comment threads I’ve seen on NAR


I used the minimise icon (the minus sign) to hide that part of the thread

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Yay (?), that case is from my country :grin:


Speaking of Top 5 derailed comments sections, I have to wonder what most would consider THE ultimate “this didn’t go as expected” story.

After all, the anger of the commenters could’ve been suspected for most of the deleted stories. Even the “Blue Collars&White Collars” one, or the “Shrek lives above Lord Faarquad” story were were easy to see as badly-recieved, once the first layer of apperances was removed.

But sometimes, it has been baffling. Like the talks about modesty in the story about a dog in church. “Dumped by the Band” as well, since it ended as we have seen above. So yeah, I’m curious.


One measure is the ratio of upvotes the story received to the number of comments it gets.


it’s only been up a couple of minutes, but people are already calling OP out for the apparent hypocrisy…

ETA: It seems that I misread the last line, OP probably not meant it in the ‘she doesn’t even look disabled’ but more like ‘if she had an invisible disability she would have known people don’t have to look disabled way’. So I stand corrected.


I think OP is trying to say that if the other woman was actually disabled (invisbible disablities). The woman should have known better to try to police others who might also have invisible disablities.

I wonder what the rude woman would do if someone with wheels (not a wheelchair or a mobility scooter) was to use the lfit? Like a mom with a stroller, or someone with a bundle buggy?


Well, this is an offensive troll


I honestly don’t consider this trolling attempt to be all that offensive. It’s rather just… lame. The troll put zero effort into their attempt to mock the site, and expected to get us riled up. Instead the comments are pretty much mocking them instead.


Wow I’m offended because that’s just so incredibly lazy. Smh put some art into your trolling. Make some prose and get some plausible deniability.

Let me put my old man voice on. “Back in my day when we trolled we had people debating the validity of it for decades”


yeah that’s just some lazy *ss trolling. put some effort into it man.

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The post’s been deleted - how do I see the bad troll? It’s that or actually work… :wink:

go to Internet Archive: Wayback Machine and enter the link from Valiant_potato’s post in the search field, you’ll find a hit from 25/1/2023 with the story