Surprising Story Receptions

Well, what if they thought you could handle it and that if they got involved you’d have to defend them in turn? Would that be acceptable, even if they genuinely believed it?


Well no one even asked the bullies to stop bothering me when they could see that I was being bullied, Unlike the other regulars in the story whom actually did step in. My only method of protecting myself by fighting back was doing stuff we been told not to do as young children. Not exactly taking Martial Arts classes

Sure the bullying was minor (Changing chairs since I like the orange chairs and hated the blue chairs, throwing things at me since I sat at the front of the class and hiding my water bottle)except for 2 things,

1.the bullies refused to let me into the school multiple times so the only way I could get to class on time was to go to school an hour early and read in the hall near the library until school started.

  1. I was getting ready to go home and I heard some noise and it was a few of the bullies holding the classroom door closed. I tried opening it from my end and I kept yanking and yanking, and suddenly I’m flying across the room and landed on my butt. I’m lucky I didn’t end up on another part of my butt, because my tail bone might have gotten broken due to that bullying.

Edit: This is just a guess of mine, but I think when we played a game in forest for education purposes, but I think I was concerned about the bullies doing even worse things to me, which is why I might have used an actual deer tactic and stayed off the trails of the woods for the game, but still keeping the “feed” stations in site. The story is written on the site

That really doesn’t answer my question. People saw you being bullied and did nothing, and that upset you. So then why is it okay in the story for the dad and his friend to see the mom being bullied and do nothing about it? They’re basically taking the side of the bully by not only doing nothing, but by actually abandoning her to the bully.

ETA: also, this argument is getting long and derailing the thread. It might be best to take it to another thread, though keep in mind that most people disagree with you so this’ll end up like the thread about killing people so you don’t get fired.


I think the Mom might be a martial Artist or something and can actually take care of themselves. We have no way of known if the Editors butchered the story by removing extra information which might have been usefully or not.

@The_Red_Pen was the story submitted that way, or was there extra information which got edited out?

There’s no reason to think that, especially since that would be relevant information. By that logic, you could also say that she actually had a broken arm and the editors removed that information.


@KiannaMcDowell too.

You also need to understand the physical SIZE of the British pub (tiny in comparison to Americans bars). Whilst I do not agree with the behaviour of the Dad and Friend, there are times when I have distanced myself from a possible incident but ensured that I am close enough to intervene should it have been necessary. There are some very headstrong people in the world who would be more annoyed at you for intervening rather than the initial idiot. I know a number of then being in the trade, the vast majority of them having breasts.

Hi guys! Me again. Let’s just keep this section to surprising story receptions and stop this conversation here, just so it doesn’t get out of hand. Happy Monday!


Either the OP is going to be surprised by the reaction, or they’ll be thinking “yup, they recognised it for what it is”


OP might be considering a refund for all the “believable creative writing” classes they attended :grin:


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You mean the one downvote for your comment on that story? That’s from someone called “a hydra”.


Clearly someone who is happy to stick their neck out…

Cheers for that! I’ve seen a post (might be more) with two DVs


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As for the story, I get the feeling it won’t stay on NaR for long…


I’m nominating this, because I’m surprised at how some people think OP is in the wrong!

These comments have received a LOT of downvotes, so you will need to scroll a significant amount to reach these insane comments.


I know I call out OPs when I think they are being unreasonable or disingenuous but wow, I can’t believe the “logic” people are using to apportion blame to the OP in this story given they were pretty much told to sit down & shut-up or be arrested. I agree with one of the comments that this trend does seem to be getting worse too.

Also, nice to see Baldomero ramping up the Anti-English bigotry.


I don’t think OP would have been arrested but just taken by police somewhere for questioning.

Taken somewhere that isn’t the plane that he is on, and which his luggage may be on, forcing him to miss his flight.

Would you want to be taken off your plane and miss your flight? Even if you weren’t ‘arrested’?


Generally arrested and “taken somewhere for questioning” is pretty much the same thing. In the UK you can get a request for a “voluntary interview” but if you do not attend then you can be arrested and taken to attend.

“Voluntold” to submit to an interview is generally the best way to describe the process.


The definition of a judicial arrest is that you’re in custody of a government judicial organization and they won’t let you leave*. If you’re taken for questioning by the police, you’re in custody and they’re not going to let you leave, so that’s an arrest.

*This doesn’t apply if you’re in a car and get stopped by police, at least in the US. Mainly because if you follow the letter of the constitution and the definition of arrest, the police would be violating the constitution every time they made a traffic stop. So they redefined traffic stops to be their own unique thing.


Expect bafflement/what’s the story? in equal measures:,

An awful lot of assumptions need to be made to make this a story