Surprising Story Receptions

It was compulsory when I was a kid. But my high school said we’d do it in sixth form and my sixth form said we were supposed to have done it high school, so I never got any work experience.


It was optional in Scotland but that was a while ago now so who knows.


(Just a suggestion, so definitely not to “make any demands of other posters”, but maybe the topic of internship would merit its own thread?)


Yeah! let’s move this to a new thread, because we all seem to have thoughts.
Here’s the link: Internships Galore


The OP sets the scene by painting the antagonist as an “Ugly American” (large truck taking up multiple parking spaces, and not wearing a mask). However, their most egregious crime is chatting to the staff, possibly causing some delays to orders. If I had pearls, I would be clutching them, and calling for the smelling salts.


The clerk here really doesn’t ‘measure up’, according to the commentors!


Well, the editors must have gotten the memo at some time since the publication of the story as now it’s on NaW, but, apparently, it used to be on NaR.


Whilst the reaction might be a surprise for the OP, it wasn’t for me. Near unanimous against the OP.

Can’t tell on my mobile who is doing the down-voting, but I could hazard a guess.


OP plays off his Dad abandoning Mom while a d****ebag is harassing her as Mom being able to handle herself, but the story does nothing to back this up and it’s got more than a few brows raising at them in the comments.


From my reading of it - is that if the regulars hadn’t interven the douchbag would have to deal with a raging women on a rampage, (What’s the quote about a woman, scorn?). I think that Dad and “friend” moved out of the way if “Mom” was going to be throwing punches or defending herself psychically from the fool

Yeah there’s absolutely no indication given as written that mom could handle herself, and even if she did - what kind of spineless jellyfish do you have to be to abandon someone when they’re being harassed?!


That’s implied, but Mom never does throw any punches or defend herself ‘psychically’ (“I can kill you with my brain”?)

What actually happens is that Mom’s companions abandon her, and she just carries on getting harassed until some strangers step in. Nobody has her back.

This is… not something to be proud of, and nor is it much of a story.


And as I or some one else said earlier- that the only reason the Mom DIDN’T get to be pyschially with the fool is because of the regulars inveterviing.

I don’t think it’s cowardly to leave someone whom can take care of herself if you can’t help with whatever the problem is. You would just create an even BIGGER problem.

I think the friend’s comment is “blood will spill” implies that the Mom can TAKE CARE OF HERSELF.

I suppose some people never understand how selfish it is just to abandon people, no matter how well they can take care of themselves.


We all know what OP’s dad said. We have no idea whether it was true, or just an excuse.

But leaving a friend to deal with harassment alone isn’t acceptable even if you ‘know’ they can throw a punch. What if the other person can throw a punch too? What if it’s better that nobody throws a punch? Sometimes the best way to be a friend is to defuse a situation and prevent violence.

It’s fortunate the regulars had her back. Shame her friends didn’t.


you might want to re-read the story but it’s not the Dad whom said the quote, I repeated but the FRIEND.

And I will take the friend’s word that the woman can take care of herself.

would you prefer their drinks being spilled or the Mom having to try to protect them because they can’t protect her?

When my friend is being harassed, able to defend themselves or no, my primary concern is not my drink.

Your difficulties with normal social interactions are showing again.


You’re an ally to several major causes, like being an ally to Black people against racism, or LGBTQ+ people against homophobia and transphobia, correct?

If you saw a Black or gay person being attacked online, would you jump in to defend them? Even if you knew they could handle themselves? Because I’ve seen you do that a lot. And as an ally, you should know that the entire point is to have people who can help defend those communities, because having more people involved makes everyone safer. And that standing by and doing nothing emboldens the people who attack, because they think a lack of opposition means that others agree with them.

So even if she can defend herself, having two people standing by her would make her safer and it wouldn’t make her attacker think that those two agree with the attacker.


Actually I already do. I Was actually doing that last night on some news from U.S. about LTBQG+. A baker and a website desinger hate the Colardo State Law about them having to serve “protected” classes (disability, race, gender orition) since it goes aganist their Christan belief.

I pointed out to one person in the comments that the Bible says that if one has a daughter we could sell them into slavery, and that police, firemen, and hosptial workers as well as others should be put to death because it’s illegal to work on Sabbath because of the Bible.

And I’m always defending BLM whenever people say that the racism is made up of what BLM experiencing Actually in Peel area of Toronto , where there’s a major problem of racism in schools there, and there is suppose to be some change this fall, but so far that the BLM parents haven’t seen it yet so far.

But I really think that the Mom can take care of herself. I think the Dad and the friend might be scrawny males whom wouldn’t be much help if a fight broke out which might mean that the Mom would have to worry about protecting them, beside just protecting herself. Maybe they moved themselves so that Mom didn’t have to worry about protecting them? We are missing some information like the Mom is martial artist or something, and/or that the Dad and friend are scrawny males. Maybe we can hope OP goes to the comment of the story so we can find out some missing information

And sometimes bystanders are about the same kind of garbage as the jerks. This is from someone whom had years of bullying experience in school with it being really bad in Gr.7 &8. And literally no one helped me despite a lot of time there being an entire room of bystanders (excluding the teacher).