Surprising Story Receptions

Well not swearing excatly but we had two stories on the site where Op (in both incidents have PTSD) kinds of “acts out” due to behaviour of others? Like in one story due to PTSD the OP doesn’t like being touched in certian areas and a bullhead of coworker refused to stop touching them that he got punched in the nose.

And in another story that OP starts getting a panic attack at the drive thru where they were and kept asking to go for a break but “bratty” the supervisor/another co-worker refused to let them and apperently the Panic attack got so bad that the manager had to send OP to the backroom for them to cool down and OP collpased and “Bratty” tried to jerk them back up and OP screamed and everyone came rushing and seeing OP “kick and scream”

Tourette’s is a motor disorder. It’s possible to acquire it through head trauma, but the vast majority of cases are present from childhood. And only about 10% of people with Tourette’s experience involuntary swearing. Possibly much less, because of the strong association people have toward Tourette’s and swearing biasing them toward thinking swearing is necessary to have Tourette’s. So people with swearing compulsions are more likely to get diagnoses.

Generally, Tourette’s manifests in things like facial twitches, compulsive throat clearing, compulsive sniffing, compulsive coughing, and so on. Mostly things related to head-based muscles, but it can affect other muscles (some people with Tourette’s get flack because people think they’re tweaking). They also often repeat words or compulsively say words. This is where the thing for swearing comes from; some of the compulsive words are swears, but not all of them. If he has Tourette’s, it’s very likely that he would be doing a lot of other things as well. Also, it’s likely that OP would have mentioned that considering the strong association between Tourette’s and swearing.

I think it’s more likely that he was in an environment that promoted swearing (the military, probably?) and so he hasn’t lost the habit of swearing a lot.


Thankyou. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what reaction the OP expected from sharing this story but listing the various signs of wealth they believe the kind lady in the story should have recognised has not engendered the comments section with warm feelings towards them.

Also, how are people creating embedded links?


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People aren’t too happy about this one, and I agree.


It occurred to me that this story from my city’s airport is not here yet. The commentariat does NOT agree with OP’s warm assessment of the situation.


People are commenting that OP was careless to cycle home after being sedated, especially when he said he wasn’t going to.


I’ve been doing that but I just see the link text not an image like:

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Jesus Christ as someone familiar with both sedatives and stimulants, that story makes me sooo mad. That’s Not How Drugs Work. There’s a reason they call it “false sobriety” when you feel alert while drunk by drinking coffee. Also that surgeon shouldn’t be allowed to operate if he thinks telling his patients to lie to nurses is acceptable.


Which is also why using Red Bull to mix drinks is a bad idea. It makes you feel less drunk, but you’re still just as impaired. You just don’t notice.


This is why Four Loko was recalled and reformulated, too many people dropped dead either because they drank more than they realized because the caffeine masks drunkenness (alcohol poisoning), or had cardiac arrest because they drank way too much caffeine because the alcohol masks the signs of caffeine overdose.


I don’t think that OP was expecting this response. However, this did come from the echo chambers of Reddit…


The as-of-now newest story seems to lose sympathy with most readers for the last line, casting a doubt on the veracity of the story.


I’m not a designer, but even I was like: “That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.”


(Their Entitlement Wouldn't Fit Into A Car)

I doubt the OP expected the comments to be almost exclusively a discussion about expressing fractional currency using a ‘,’ or a ‘.’


These are my favorite brand of surprising reactions: Completely left field pedantic discussions over a minor, uncontroversial detail.
It’s so funny