Surprising Story Receptions

Heres what gets me. The restraunt opens at 8am.

Campers got there at 8:30 and camped for 11 hours which is 19:30 aka 7:30 PM

But OP says this is 45 minutes after the manager went home and the kitchen is closing up.

So aparently its a fine dining restraunt that is open from 8am to 7pm? Which seems odd hours


I think that’s actually pretty clear: the camping started at 11 when the client finished eating.

Thats not my reading. But even if it was and the restraunt is open 8 to 10 that means you have waiters working 14 hour shifts which would be the bigger complaint iml

Please, let’s take extended discussions about stories themselves to those stories’ comments section – this thread is for bringing up stories where comments don’t go the way OP expects and for meta-discussion about those comments.

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Just got pinged to this one. I wonder if the OP knew what sort of reception it would get when they wrote it? And i do mean “wrote” as in “created”.

The OP hit so many clichés, the phrase NAR Bingo crops up in the comments a lot. I’m wondering now if the OP was trolling us?


I feel like OP probably did not expect this reception: If I Had A Nickel For Every Time This Happened…


An old story found in Popular:


Lots of people are discussing different systems for handing out medication and pointing out that asking the pharmacy to get it ready isn’t the same as getting the drugs without a prescription.

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Most recent NAR story as of this moment, but none of the comments have sympathy for OP for OP’s last sentence. (Note that, as I also pointed out in a comment, I still don’t 100% agree OP intended that sentence pejoratively.)

At the time of nominating this, I’m the only person who has commented, but I’m not anticipating the same amount of love to the owner that the OP has being reflected in the comment section.

All because of how he treated customer #1.

I’ll add the same caveat here as i did in my comment to the story: it’s possible that part of the story has been missed, in which case he may well have a valid reason for responding like that. But without a valid reason, he comes off as 100% jerk


Just realised… this is a Reddit story. I wonder if the full story for customer 1 is over there?


People are aruging over the legal defination of “step-father” and “legal father” in this story:

and later they’re arruging over the fact Jospeh and Mary “forgetting” about Jesus for four days. I mean they had an entire caravan of relatives with them. That would be like if entire British Royal Family showed up for an event and Prince George disappered and the Duke and Duchess assume it’s with Uncle Edward, or Cousin Zara’s family only to discover a day later he’s not with anyone.


Not that the bible is in any way true or accurate, but Jesus wasn’t particularly famous as a baby.

So less like the british royal family and more like a random extended middle class hillbilly clan.

um he was famous enough that shepards came to see him and two, three years later (Toddler) Wiseman came to see him.

What’s going on in that story is that one commenter is taking the religion-adjacent joke of the story way too seriously and everyone else is messing with them because they’re acting like it should be a theology lesson rather than a child saying something cute.


look. I’m an atheist. My belief in these things is extremely limited

The comment section appears to be gearing up to disagree with the OP in this one:


Haha yes, I agree with the crowd. OP should’ve yold the customer, s/he could have weighed it before slicing it up and ask if it was okay :woman_shrugging:


That pissed me off.

I try my best to inform customers of any shortages of the product they want when they order. And make recommendations on substitutions, if wanted/needed. I actually got quite a few customers hooked on a different flavor of ham then they usually bought.


I wonder if the OP realised that the focus of the comments would be on how confusing and/or convoluted their reward system is?


I don’t know why neither OP nor their manager just asked to see the customer’s phone at any point in the interaction since they didn’t believe he had actually activated the points or even that he understood what they were talking about. It seems a little like malicious compliance to me - I’m not necessarily against that though!