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So, you work in food tasting, specifically alcoholic beverages? It’s my understanding that such people don’t actually typically swallow, as being drunk can negatively effect their ability to determine the qualities of the flavor.

Also, if you’re a wine investigator, my understanding is that that also features very little drinking with it being mostly used as a last resort.

If your job is a bartender, well, being drunk can certainly hamper your ability to bartend, and yes if the bartender is drunk it’s probaly a ‘dive’ bar, one that sucks, has bad service, and is kept alive by a small group of locals who’ve turned it into a sort of social club.

Further working in a bar? Not a good environment for people who have a strong distaste for sexist comments and behavior. Drunk customers are a bitch to deal with. Which is kinda exactly my point. Alcohol removes people’s ability to not say the stupid shit that they really should not be saying. Mostly it quickly reveals who in a group of people is a ‘hidden’ racist/sexist/horny bastard.

If your job isn’t one of the above, then what the bleep job is it?

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Brewer. We’re a microbrewery of 5 people, albeit established for 30+ years. And we all swallow.

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Well, my understanding is that typically in larger macro-breweries, swallowing is atypical.

In a small team it’s usually not as bad a sign just because in a small team your odds of having a right bastard in the group are pretty low, but you might want to consider changing that policy if you grow your team. Yes, one solution is just to not hire people who state aloud shitty opinions while lightly intoxicated but… frankly that’s probably the less practical solution unless your HR vetting is improbably good.

I’d say by the time you expand to 20 people you should start considering a change.

Then again, the last small team I worked with that had an open bar policy was 10 employees and 4 of them were sexist when they had a single beer in them. 6 of them were racist. There was some overlap… some were both, some were neither.

We’re not expanding to 20 people anytime soon.

Gone are the days when the tongue is sectioned into zones of dedicated tasting areas. You need to swallow to get a full flavour, essential to when you make tasting notes that are beyond the wishful musings of larger outfits.

(Fun fact: Most tasting notes are made before the product is ever produced. Use Citra hops? Add in “citrus notes” etc.)

By all means, we are not pissheads on the job by any standard but I always have to ask - After seeing your views on the industry where I work, have you ever done meaningful work in the sector?

Also, US based by any chance?

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I’ve not, though i’ve watched several documentaries, including one for sake production in japan, and this seems to be a universal detail mentioned in the documentaries hence ‘my understanding is’.

Perfectly willing to belive my understanding of the alcohol industry is wrong. Not willing to believe that my understanding of how difficult working in a bar is is wrong, nor my understanding of how awful departments that partake at desk jobs are.

I’ve seen documentaries about Japanese work/drinking culture. A good watch if you ever want to be sickened and angered simultaneously.

Yes, I’m a Minnesotan.


Your patients are supposed to be there. This guy just came into a hospital and expected someone to take care of his clearly non-medical situation. During the health crisis, as we all know, families couldn’t visit dying loved ones, staff were running themselves into the ground. This guy had no business being there in the first place.

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if you’re talking about the “soup story” the guy did have a reason to be there he had to fill out paperwork which he did.

One day, a man comes in needing to fill out some paperwork. He is dressed in business casual clothing and has a stylish messenger bag. I direct him to the doctor’s offices and see him as he exits a few minutes later.

Once he filled out the paperwork, IN ANOTHER OFFICE, he had no business returning to the building.

edit: I re-read the story I was wrong

I dunno, I personally think it’s not wrong to have a drink or one (1) drink with food. You are likely to not be drunk or too impaired in your decision and brain-foggyness. If you drink several alcoholic drinks with lunch, while still having to work after, then I would be concerned.

One drink is enough to impair many individuals, myself included.

It’s enough to put a 200lbs man above the legal limit to drive in Iowa for between approximately 1 hour and three quarters and 2 and a half hours depending on metabolism.


I’m going to interject and suggest we shelve this discussion for a different thread.
Drinking is a topic with a lot of cultural and social implications and variances, and has had many studies and arguments whether or not those actions are valid.
So a story about Friday drinks ended up with a hot comment section that the OP definitely didn’t intend.

We don’t need to bring the discussion from the page into the thread where we put stories that accidentally started a hot comment section discussion.


Might i suggest then putting that discussion in a new thread in the category Discuss NAR Stories?

Maybe start a specific thread for that story, or maybe a more general thread called something like “I have strong opinions about a story”?


I’ll drink to that!


There are a lot of comments about this story that after the first parrot died the OP didn’t appear to do any checks to determine what caused it’s death and sold a second one.

That one died too. Possibly because of mishandling by the grandson.


Jut been pinged to this story.

Yes, let’s all laugh at the victim being assaulted


Seems like a lot of people are agreeing that things don’t fully add up about some of the details in this story


My guess is that the author is lying about the michelin star.


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That being said the rest of the story is plausible.

Frankly, I’ve known people who would do that.

So I think that the only lie is there Michelin star. Or that the place is in idaho.

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